Who and when you go to the army in 2017: Ukrainians are waiting for two waves of call

In Ukraine after a few months, there will be a call for military service in the army. Military mobilization, noted in the General staff, at the moment, not planned, but as part of the recruitment campaign in the army will take thousands of Ukrainians until the age of 27 years. “Today,” found out when he will be drafted into the army in 2017.

Who and when to call in the army

The call for military service in Ukraine is in spring and autumn each year. The exact number of recruits at the moment, the General staff was not called. However, as told “Today” in the spring call will get about 15 thousand Ukrainians. Last year in the army in the spring called, more than 16 thousand young men, and in the fall – less than 14 thousand people.

The spring call is held in Ukraine in may-June, it is preceded by the corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, which claim the number of recruits in each region and the budget of the recruiting campaign. Traditionally, most youths take from Dnipropetrovsk oblast (1,500 people), and less of the partly occupied Donetsk region – more than 200 people.

To serve in the army can take the Ukrainians aged between 20 to 27 years (those who have turned 18 can serve in the army on a voluntary basis). In the zone of hostilities, conscripts will not send. For soldiers and sailors, sergeants and petty officers, passing military service in Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations of Ukraine, the service life of up to 18 months. For Ukrainians with higher education or equivalent (technician) – up to 12 months.

By the way, in 2017 the army may take the Ukrainians by the age of 43 years, who graduated from the military Department. They will serve a year and a half with the preservation of a workplace.

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The call of the Ukrainians with military honors at the service, including, will allow to replace those contractors who decide to quit. As explained by the head of communications and press Ministry of defence Oksana Gavrilyuk, conscripts the decision to call on Ukrainians with higher education and qualifications will not be affected. As suggested in the General staff, will call about four thousand Ukrainians, who graduated from the military Department. The military will take into account family circumstances.

“In this case we are talking about officers in primary positions in the units at the platoon level or company. Currently, the number of such posts is limited, we even theoretically can draw a smaller percentage of the total number of reserve officers. Therefore, those reserve officers who will be offered service at the call of, say, luck,” he said.

Who is the delay from service:

  • Those contain a disabled mother or father or other relative.
  • Has a child under the age of three years
  • Raising a child alone (without mother)
  • Has two or more children
  • Has pregnant wife or wife with a disability
  • Is an orphan
  • Has temporary health problems
  • If the brother is in the same time in the army
  • Under the age of 21 and thus receives education on day form
  • Teachers (for the entire period of work in the specialty)
  • Doctors (for the whole period of work in the specialty)
  • The priests (for the entire period of work in the specialty)
  • Police (for the entire period of work in the specialty)
  • Criminal suspects

Who can get exemption from conscription:

  • Unfit for health
  • Young people 27 years and older

What will happen for the evasion

For evasion from an appeal on military service (article 335 of the CCU) is threatened by restriction of liberty for a term up to three years. As the lawyer Yuri Zygmund, in fact, deviators “shines” is a conditional term. The lawyer recalled that at the expiration of the probation the conviction is removed.
Those that ignored the summons, reported to the police station about the change of residence, may pay a fine in the amount of UAH 85-119. For repeated violation – from 170 to 255 hryvnias.

According to the law, employers are required to inform the military about their employees of military age.(part 4 of article 34 of the law of Ukraine “On military duty and military service” from 25.03. 1992 No. 2232-XII).

Photo: “Today”

By the way, military mobilization at the moment, not planned. Thus, the seventh wave of mobilization planned to spend last year, but retired soldiers were replaced with contractors. President Petro Poroshenko said that in November last year, all mobilized Ukrainians returned home. As they say in the General staff, the decision about the next wave of mobilization this year can take only the President. However, as long as the situation in the Donbas not fundamentally deteriorated, this is not necessary. “If there is worsening and we need to significantly increase the number of Armed forces, of course, we can’t do without mobilization. Very importantly, we actually built a professional volunteer army. At the core of this army – professional-contractor. She is a volunteer because a contract is signed by all voluntary. It does not mobilize, when I want – don’t want to go and defend their country,” – said the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

The payment of military service was reduced

According to the law on military service, conscripts are entitled one-time financial assistance in amount of two living wages. Last year in the law spoke of “two minimum zaplatah”, however, the sharp increase in the minimal salary for the officials took the decision to cut spending on military service and instead of 6400 to pay recruits 3088 hryvnia.

In addition, financial compensation be laid if during the service the soldiers will die or become disabled. Parents of the deceased soldier entitled to a one-time payment of $ 772 thousand, if Ukrainian became disabled in the service, he will receive from the state 231 thousand hryvnia. These payments also could be two times higher if the law had not made the edits and not the “untied” them of their wages.

Myselfand spring draft campaign will cost 40-45 million hryvnias (depending on the number of recruits). For example, last year at one of the recruit spent 2993 hryvnia, 2900 UAH – one-time financial assistance in the amount of two minimum wages, and 93 pennies – money for preparation and holding of the call. That is, one of the recruit, the military received only 93 penny.