Merkel officially became a candidate for the post of Chancellor of Germany from two parties

The two ruling parties in Germany – the Christian democratic Union (CDU) and Christian social Union (CSU) – advanced current Chancellor and CDU head Angela Merkel a single candidate in the elections to the Bundestag, which will take place in September 2017, according to “Deutsche Welle”.

Despite the differences, Merkel’s candidacy was unanimously supported by the joint meeting of the bureaux of both parties, the magazine writes.

At the meeting, which was held in the Bavarian capital Munich, the leadership of the CDU and CSU also intended to discuss the main provisions of the joint election campaign.

20 November 2016 the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel has officially announced his intention to compete for the seat of the head of the government, which she has held since 2005.

On 24 November the head of European Parliament Martin Schulz said that he would not go for another term of the presidential mandate in the EP, and he intends to run in the German Bundestag, his party SPD.

According to the survey, the results of which were published on 2 February 2017, Schultz walked in the ranking of the Merkel – so, would have voted for him 50% of the respondents. In second place, according to the survey, is Merkel from 34%.