Ukraine has actually legalized the stay of Russia in Donbass

For many Ukrainians, emigration was the only way to ensure the existence, distancing themselves from the war, corruption and unemployment. Thousands of able-bodied citizens leave the country, and 80% of graduates of the city want to live and work abroad. The Ukrainian government actually legalized the stay of Russia in Donbass blockade of the occupied territories. In an interview with “Apostrophe” said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, ex-head of Donetsk region SERGEY TARUTA.


– Recently you announced the creation of a political force that will not be a project leader, and will turn to the Republican party “Base”. You personally political project why?


— The situation in Ukraine is so complex, in fact, before every citizen has a choice: or to do something, or to leave the country. If what is happening now, will continue — Ukraine has no future. Clear marker — youth: more than 80% of graduates of universities of Kiev want to leave to live and work abroad. There was a huge hope that there will be reforms and systemic changes in the country. But, from the point of view of institutional influence, the role of civil society in Ukraine, alas, is not the key. Neither the first nor the second Maidana, unfortunately, has not led to politics leaders concerned about the future of the country and not about personal gain and ambitions. Consolidated healthy political forces that had the power to reverse this trend, no. Obviously, you need to take responsibility and act. And this question was raised not only to me but also to many successful Ukrainians who see their future with Ukraine.


– So what’s your plan of action to resolve the political impasse in which the country finds itself?


— The current government is not merely degrading and destroying the future of the country. The only possible way to change the situation — change the power. To implement this task and need a political party. I have repeatedly refused invitations to join the various political forces in the highest positions, because every member of any political force has a collective responsibility for the history of the party for the actions of all who ever it included. We are a year and a half engaged in a dialogue with civil society and business to create a brand new party, which will include successful people with impeccable reputation, the winners in life.


“Republican ideology is based on the increased defense, increased spending on defense, allows you to carry a gun, which is important now. But most importantly — the development of the middle class population.” It is your words spoken during the presentation of the party. Today most of the political forces deliver a similar message, how you plan to lure the electorate to their side?


The Republican ideology is much broader. And many “young” party, by the way, are based on ideological principles, but they lack experience of people with a history of success — the “pillars”. A design is strong when there is support.


– You consider yourself such a Foundation?


Yes. But for a successful project such as I need a lot.


And you have such people in the project?


— Of course. This is a very famous people and successful businessmen and statesmen. But above all, our party is a launching pad for young people.


– Who specifically supports your project?


— Representatives of medium and large businesses. In fact, we are trying to unite like-minded business environment. And a lot of people, because the country’s problems are also the problems of the business too. For example, the low credit rating of Ukraine, which determines the level of capitalization and the country, and business.


– Not without reason after all, Ukraine in the latest ranking by Ernst & Young climbed to first place on the level of corruption in the world.


— There are countries with a fairly high level of corruption, but politically stable. Investors weighed the risks and still invest in these countries. In Ukraine the same — wars, political instability, and the level of corruption going through the roof. The combination of these factors discourages investment, which inevitably reduces the capitalization of the country. Capitalization — this is actually the value of the object, which is determined by the investor and the market. For example, in 2008, the apartment of an ordinary family in Kiev was worth 100 thousand dollars, and now — only 30 thousand. With the cost of business assets, the same thing happens. That is why representatives of business including large, say, you’ve got to worry about the welfare of the country more than about their own assets. You can’t be successful in the country-the bankrupt. And my words resonate the most. I personally have a business now, no. I do politics and still want to change the system. And to build democracy impossible, while the share of the middle class in the country will not achieve at least 50%. And the higher the proportion of the middle class, the higher the level of democracy is related things. By the way, the Republican ideology is based on principles that are very timely for Ukraine: cultural and family values, the working man who can provide for themselves, if you create the proper conditions.


– That is the task of the state in this case — not to interfere?


— Not only not to interfere, but also to correctly guide. The state is obliged to make efforts to maximize the potential of the regions and develop the most promising sectors of the economy.


– Who is your voter? What regions party “Basis” makes an accent?


— The whole Ukraine, because to live in the world, to have a job and a decent salary wants every Ukrainian. We orientirueshsya not on a specific region, and the middle class in General. According to opinion polls, the middle class itself is referred approximately 42% of Ukrainians. And every person with higher education is potentially a member of the middle class. But in order to meet this definition and even in terms of income, the person should be able to find a decent job. And we want the country was in an acceptable investment climate, jobs — not only for physical but highly intellectual labor. New jobs in the sector of small and medium business — a new opportunity for the country. Plus the state order, first of all — defence. This is the basis of Republican ideology.


– What do you see increased spending on the defence industry?


— Due to the increase in revenues. The current government believes that it is necessary to take from the population, and we — need to make more money. A strong defense sector is not only sufficient funding, but the effective use of funds. Unfortunately, this sector in Ukraine is very slow transformered and still is an old Soviet design. If not for corruption schemes and thieving officials, it would have been completely different. We have enormous intellectual potential and opportunities for the development of the military-industrial complex. In addition, quite a pressing issue, the carrying of weapons. Why, for example, any official can now get a weapon and defend yourself, and the ordinary citizen can’t?


– Do you think that it will not trigger a surge in the use of firearms in the home? Now, that is not news — shootout.


In Switzerland, gun can buy one. Is there any problems? Most importantly — a strict observance of laws and clear rules.


But we are not Switzerland, we are more than a dozen years to their social and economic level, and, consequently, the readiness of the society is responsible for the weapon.


— There must be a mechanism, involving the presence of barriers that cannot be overcome in order to illegally acquire weapons, not corrupt, honest and professional medical assessment of the sanity of the man. And then there’ll be no danger.

How long you been in politics. How much time do you estimate that the new political project grew into a nationwide party with a sufficient to pass to the Parliament the level of support?


Sociological studies show that more than 44% of Ukrainians who regularly voted in the parliamentary elections, today do not support any of the existing political parties. In society are simultaneously present and a huge disappointment, and a huge political force that is based on sane, professional people with impeccable reputations. Such a political party we are building. As for the time, six months is enough to do some serious organizational work.


– Before the elections to unite with other parties are you ready? Such negotiations are possible?


— We are in constant dialogue with all healthy political forces and the “young” parties who understand the importance of consolidation.


– How You consider, whether there is in Ukraine Maidan-3?


— There is a mathematical risk assessment model of social protests. So, the probability of protests in Ukraine, 95 out of 100. Study of the level of depression in the population also shows that it is pre-revolutionary. Able-bodied Ukrainians go abroad. And this is not emigration, and evacuation. To reverse this horrific trend can only be United on the basis of clear and concrete economic program. We have such a program — the doctrine of sustainable development “Ukraine-2030”.


– You are familiar with the situation in the Donbass. How to return the occupied territories? How long will it take to Donbass residents returned to normal life after the occupation.


— Question: “When will release the Donbass?” need to ask the President of Petro Poroshenko, who promised to ensure peace. Unfortunately, the war had learned how to earn a lot of money — and not just Russian fighters. And this income reduces the desire to end the war. And about time: let’s see how recovered life in liberated Slavyansk, for example. There was no bread, no water, no electricity, and people survived. Today, it is absolutely peaceful and Ukrainian city. But rather in spite of, not because of the current government. To life Slavyansk returned mostly by volunteers, businessmen and simply not indifferent people.


– How effective and correct the decision on the blockade of Donbass from the Ukrainian side?


The so — called “blockade of Donbass” — is a Russian script, which won the Russian Federation and the militants. Ukraine own hands freed for the Russian metallurgical markets in which Ukraine was the strongest competitor to the Russians. And the Russian propaganda received a new factual material to tell the inhabitants of the occupied territories and the international community: “Look, so is the Ukraine of its inhabitants does not protect, we have to help them, because Ukraine refused”. The so-called “blockade of Donbass” actually legalized the stay of the Russian Federation in the occupied territories.


– You have repeatedly said that Valeria Gontareva should leave the post of head of the NBU. It seems that it’s still going to happen. What mistakes were made the head of the NBU, how much they would cost Ukraine and how to fix it?


— First, Gontareva confused their own pockets with the state. Second, I forgot I had not listen to the President and foreign consultants, and the Ukrainian people. Thirdly, Gontareva made a mistake with the choice of work, because the professional did not meet the criteria that must be met by the head of the National Bank.


– Who can change the situation in NBU?


— A person who meets three criteria: professionalism, patriotism and integrity. I’m sure the country has enough people who correspond to them: the Roman Shpek is a worthy candidate, Oleksandr Shlapak, Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, Alexander Derkach. The head of the national Bank shall be a person with a good reputation. Don’t allow the same control plane to the one who did not graduate from flight school and has no flight experience? It is important to still expert professional environment together with our Western partners, creditors, nominated to head the National Bank. But experts and Western partners should take a neutral stance in the management of the national Bank, and the head of the NBU should think more about their country than about their interests.