Ukrainian plane An-2 has set a world record

On test base of Antonov light aircraft An-2-100 set a world record – he lifted a record load for this class of aircraft, the press service of the company.

It is reported that the aircraft raised a record for its class, the weight of the load in 3202 kg to a height of 2700 m. it is Worth noting that the maximum payload of the An-2-100 is 1500 kg. Thus, it is twice as high as allowed by the manufacturer.

Now “Antonov” intends to transfer the data to establish a record in the International Federation of aviation sports.

Reference: An-2-100 is intended for passenger, cargo and mixed passenger-cargo transportation on domestic routes. It is able to operate on small airfields in a wide range of altitudes of the airfields, in conditions of simple and complex climatic and meteorological conditions. The main difference between An-2-100 from its predecessor in the power plant with sustainer engine turboprop MC-14 development and production of “Motor Sich”. One of the advantages of this change – a transition from aviation gasoline to jet fuel. Thus significantly increasing the profitability of the aircraft.