The Washington Post (USA): for $ 87 million the residence of the U.S. Ambassador in Israel will be yours

United States to sell the residence of its Ambassador near tel Aviv, where from the beginning of 1960-x years of living U.S. ambassadors to Israel, for a record price of $ 87 million.

It [the sale] is set two years after the administration of the trump moved the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem — a symbolic and controversial move that triggered protests on the border between Israel and the Gaza strip.

The property at Gali street azure, 40, nestled in the exclusive area of the Mediterranean in Herzliya Pituach, located directly on the sea, it has five bedrooms, a pool and hot tub, and this street is considered the most expensive in the country due to the amazing views. Until a few years ago in this residence were regularly held lavish celebrations on the eve of the Fourth of July (independence NJ USA — approx. ed.). But President trump the celebration moved to another location.

If the property will sell at the displayed price, this will be the most expensive in the country deal with residential real estate. While the record is owned by Israeli-Russian billionaire and owner of football club “Chelsea” Roman Abramovich. In January, he purchased property in Israel for $ 64 million.

It would seem that residence in Herzliya is a luxurious place for a diplomatic mission, but because of the desire of the administration to trump to move the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it became inconvenient to live in, given that the length of the path to service will be 50 kilometers.

The U.S. Embassy in Israel confirmed to “globes” that the sale of the complex associated with the move. It is reported that the US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman has officially settled in Jerusalem.

Probably, this deal also signals enhanced the attempts to fix the new location of the Embassy and complicate a return to the old, which was the subject of debate in the primaries of the Democrats in 2020.

The political shift that underlies this step, essentially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the country, overturned decades of US foreign policy, which has long argued that the issue of the status of the city must be addressed in the framework of a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.

In Jerusalem their embassies placed only two countries: the United States and Guatemala.


Comment of the lawyer Ali Gervice, President of Israel’s largest Russian-speaking bar Association, more than 20 years accompanying investments of Russian businessmen in Israel.

— We leave politics to politicians and concentrate on real estate matters. We are talking about a special deal because of the identity of the seller — if seller is willing to sell his house to anyone who will pay the highest price, then the state has the obligation to sell their property in the framework of the tender, but the tender closed. Not everyone who can afford to shell out tens of millions of dollars, will be allowed to purchase the residence at the U.S. Treasury. Today we can’t say at what price at the end of process the house will be sold — whether wishing to interrupt the record of Abramovich, and as a result of the competition is to increase prices even higher. But the asking price proves once again that Israel confidently holds the position of one of the most expensive countries in the world from the point of view of prices for elite real estate.