Shocking Asia: Vietnam, Nepal and Bali in quarantine

Shocking Asia: Vietnam, Nepal and Bali in quarantine

Talk about how Asia is undergoing quarantine

Marina Popovich

Yesterday, 21:44

Today you will visit in three places in Bali, Nepal and Vietnam. This new video from the series “Life during epidemic”.

Walk in the Paradise island of Indonesia will satisfied with Masha and Dima. Mysterious Nepal, namely Pocaro, you will see through the eyes of Anton and Tanya. But what is happening now in the Vietnamese city Nha Trang will show Vanya and Tanya. You will get the maximum immersion in the atmosphere of places in which children live. You will see what it looks like hospital in Bali, know that the tourists do who are stuck in Asia and how the authorities propose to them to resolve the situation with expired visas.

Will start the walk at the top attractions of Bali, Nha Trang and Pocari and learn how local keep positive and help each other. It will be interesting and inspiring. Pleasant viewing!

  • Today.Lifestyle along with founder of service best travel TripMyDream, a famous traveler Andrey Burenko continue to acquaint you with the life of cities and countries now, when the world attacks COVID-19.

How to live in Vietnam, Nepal and Bali during the quarantine – watch video:


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