Yle (Finland): the health crisis in Russia: protection is not enough, doctors are being fired

Moscow — In Russia, where now raging epidemic of coronavirus, many health workers do not handle stress well.

“People are dying, many critically ill patients, which did not help. This continues a busy schedule from day to day is hard to cope,” says “Julia” (Yle) according to Moscow psychiatrist Sergey Grishin.

Grishin believes that the current situation is not handle about a quarter of doctors working with infected Covid-19 patients. In addition, many doctors themselves are infected with coronavirus.

Sergey Grishin, working in a Moscow hospital, said that many of his colleagues refused to work during an outbreak of the coronavirus. He talks about his colleague, a former military doctor, who recently resigned because of the increased moral pressure.

“We are talking about experienced doctors, who are over 60 years old. They are afraid to get sick and infect loved ones,” explains Grishin.

The doctors conduct their count deaths from coronavirus

About the mass dismissal of doctors during the epidemic of the coronavirus write throughout Russia. Retired doctors complain about the lack of personal protective equipment and the difficult working conditions.

The news came from Moscow, Rostov and Vladimir. It is reported that in Kaliningrad already retired about 350 doctors.

Doctors began to fail and mental state. The media write about at least three doctors who tried to commit suicide or committed suicide due to pressure at work during the epidemic.

Many Russian hospitals have become hotbeds of disease, and the virus has spread among the medical staff. Therefore, many hospitals had to close on quarantine.

The authorities downplay the problems of health and, for example, do not give complete data on the mortality of doctors and medical staff from the coronavirus.

Even the independent media are not always able to talk about the problems openly. They are afraid of punishment, because they could be accused of spreading fake news about the coronavirus.

Doctors do not believe to the authorities themselves maintain a list of names of colleagues who died from the coronavirus. Now it contains 200 names.

The shortage of protection equipment and qualified personnel

As revealed in a recent survey, the lack of PPE complain 83% of doctors working with cases of coronavirus.

Sergey Grishin, working in Moscow region, said that in the capital the conditions for the epidemic better than in other cities.

For example, hospitals have a sufficient number of the PPE thanks to the help of charity organizations. However, the news still write about the lack of PPE in the Moscow ambulances.

According to Grishin, the greatest complication is the lack of qualified specialists.

Grishin, a psychiatrist by training — one of many doctors who are now trained in infectious disease physicians. All 500 places in the hospital where he works, are occupied by patients with symptoms of pneumonia.

Such hospitals, which treat only patients with the coronavirus, now in Moscow and Moscow region a lot.

In late April, the Moscow administration announced the conversion of 37 medical institutions for the treatment of coronavirus. Later they became even more.

Now Russia is in second place in the world in the number of cases — more than 250 thousand cases. The first place occupy the USA.

Doctors are forced to use diapers

In conditions when medical staff is not enough, coronavirus in hospitals were directed to practice medical students.

According to the Russian Ministry of health, approximately 41 thousand students are working with is infected with a coronavirus voluntarily. However, the media reported that medical students are forced to work, threatened with expulsion from the University.

Working conditions in coronavirus hospitals seem harsh and medical professionals.

Sergey Grishin, who works shifts at least six hours, constantly having to wear protection to go to the toilet or even drink water no time.

Earlier on this 12-hour shifts in hospitals coronavirus wrote the state, “RIA Novosti”.

“Most doctors have adapted to the situation and, for example, began to wear diapers,” says Grishin.

A month ago, Grishin began to treat patients with coronavirus and moved into a hostel for doctors. He doesn’t want to put my family at risk.

“I hope that at the end of August, the epidemic will end. Now, after months of work, the forces are already starting to dry up,” — said Grishin.

Despite the overall situation, restrictions are removed

The already weak health system of Russia suffered during the epidemic of coronavirus in cases of accidents.

Cause of the recent fires in hospitals, specializing in coronaviruses, considered the new ventilator “Aventa-M”. The fire killed one patient.

Speaking on television, President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia’s regions may begin to loosen constraints associated with a coronavirus. The country also began to say that Russia was able to pass the peak of the virus.

Independent of the Kremlin media accuse officials in the manipulation and hiding the number of deaths from the coronavirus.

Sergey Grishin, working with the infected with a coronavirus, in its observations, concludes that in Moscow the peak has not been overcome. The capital has become the centre of the epidemic.

Grishin believes Putin’s decision to relax quarantine primarily political, but at the same time understands it.

According to the Central Bank in March, savings had about 70% of Russians. The development of the economy was halted by the severe limitations associated with coronavirus that has led to layoffs and further wage cuts.

“Many are tired and are willing to risk your health and go to work”, — says Sergey Grishin.