Expert at the Institute for defence studies: the Baltic sea comes a powerful weapon (SVT, Sweden)

Russian nuclear submarine class “Antey” (NATO Oscar II) can carry torpedoes with nuclear warheads in excess of ten times the power of the bomb that wiped off the face of the earth Hiroshima.

154-foot Russian submarine equipped with two nuclear reactors. For comparison, submarines in Sweden with a length of 60 meters and is equipped with the diesel motors.

“This is a very big ship. For the Baltic sea it is not necessary. It’s too easy to track,” says Niklas Granholm (Niklas Granholm).

What the submarine is doing in the Baltic?

“We can only guess. I have no idea. We can assume that in the next few weeks will be some exercises. In any case, in the Baltic sea comes a powerful weapon”.

Nuclear torpedoes

It is already known that submarines of this class can carry 24 cruise missiles, long range missiles with nuclear warheads. But Niklas Granholm from the Institute for defence studies warns that the Board may be nuclear torpedoes.

The weakest of them has a power of 15 kilotons — that’s comparable to the bombing of Hiroshima. The heaviest is 200 kilotons.

“In General, they are rather big. There are two types. Smaller to hit small submarines. Big as I imagine, designed for use against ships. And cruise missiles designed to destroy U.S. aircraft carriers, long-range”.

Demonstration of military might

According to Niklas of Granholm, this submarine fits in the concept.

“Russia demonstrates military might at the exercises. She comes in, conducts maneuvers and sent home. This submarine is designed primarily for the North Atlantic and the Barents sea. Its purpose is to protect the core of the strategic nuclear forces in the North”.

However, if a submarine of a class “Antey” the accident happens, the consequences will be most devastating.

Submarine “Kursk” of the same project sank in 2000 after an explosion of a torpedo on Board, and the entire crew of 118 people killed. In addition, on Board submarines of this class already had a fire.

“If a nuclear submarine with nuclear torpedoes on Board to be a major accident, there will be trouble,” concludes the head of the research Department at the Institute for defence studies Niklas Granholm.