Trump and Russia: what are the motives?

President trump, of course, there is a unusual form of Russophilia. He surrounded himself with assistants with ties to the Russian. These assistants in the election campaign talked with the Russian agents and some of them are now pushing a dubious peace deal in Ukraine. Recently trump has gone so far as to equate the US to the bloody regime of Vladimir Putin.


But why?


The issue is complicated. In their investigations related to Russia, the FBI and the Senate Committee on intelligence will primarily focus on what happened — broke the team trump the law, and lied about the President. However, investigators and journalists who do a good cause, lighting the whole story, it should also be borne in mind and why this happened. It will help explain everything else.


USA has never been in a similar situation. Other countries had attempted to interfere in our Affairs — sometimes with modest success. England and Nazi Germany, for example, tried to influence the presidential election of 1940, the financing of sham elections and attempt to influence party conventions to nominate candidates. But never has the President had such mysterious relations with that hostile foreign government like Putin’s.


I count five possible reasons Russophilia trump, and they are not mutually exclusive.

The first is the reason that leads the trump, and you should not dismiss it just because it has an open connection with reality. He said that reducing tensions with Russia, it would be useful for US — and it is a reasonable position. It is not so different from the position of U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, Secretary of state under President Barack Obama.


Kerry believed that Russia, a key ally of President Bashar al-Assad in the civil war in Syria to stop Assad perpetrated the bloodshed. Many other Obama administration officials were of the view that to ask for help to Putin — an empty idea. But we should remember that Obama has never offered a viable approach to the Syrian issue. Any successor to a reasonable solution would be to reflect on whether Russia can help curb the most serious humanitarian crisis in the world.


Of course, Syria can not explain all ties trump with Russia. Too many of them, and they are too sinister. Together they indicate the following three reasons — plots.


The second explanation is a business agreement. Since many American banks refused to make loans to debt-ridden company trump, he had to seek funds in another country — like Russia. “The Russians have quite a disproportionate part of many of our assets,” said Donald trump Jr. in 2008, in particular, mentioning projects Tramp SoHo (in new York) and Dubai.


Trump could clarify this issue by publishing their tax returns. But because he, unlike other modern presidential candidates, did not, to believe his word, not the right to the presumption of innocence he deserves. The most it would be fair to assume that he has business ties, which wants to keep secret.


A third explanation is a political conspiracy, and this version is located in the centre of a legal investigation. The facts are definitely alarming. Councillors election headquarters trump had close ties with the representatives of Putin’s entourage, and some of them talked with Russian officials during the campaign. The Putin government directed the cyberattacks conducted in support of trump. If such coordination were (and evidence of this yet) is, of course, would be more scandal than Watergate.


The fourth explanation is the most convincing: the idea contained in a dossier compiled by private detectives, according to which Russia has dirt on trump. Until there is real evidence, I would advise you not to pay attention to this theory.


And the last possible motive — ideological Alliance in some ways the most disturbing. Putin is not only a leader that is “very tightly controls their country” (which led trump rapture); Putin also carries with it the idea of white, inspired by Christianity, nationalism, according to which Islam and the “global elite” are the enemy.

In carrying out these tasks, he does not go as far as rabid Russian nationalists. About the same and the only trump flirts with alternative right. In any case, these tasks are an indisputable fact. Says former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul (Michael McFaul), “inaugural speech sounded the same as what I heard many times from Russian nationalists”.


Stephen Bannon (Stephen Bannon), who became the most powerful adviser in the White house clearly believes in ideological alliances, and trump, it seems, is not averse to sign. After winning the election, he met the main British nationalist Nigel Farage (Nigel Farage) — before to meet with the Prime Minister of great Britain.


In recent days, trump has tempered his Pro-Russian rhetoric and even criticized Moscow for its actions in Ukraine. Therefore, it would be a mistake to think that we know the entire history of trump and Russia. But given what we know, it is a huge danger to American interests.


Republicans who control the Senate and the FBI must conduct its investigations without the friendly respect which they still had for Trump. If they do not, then that the truth came out, will have to take care patriots whistleblowers and journalists.