Proper nutrition: the TOP 9 products that only pretend to be healthy

Healthy eating isn’t always easy, the temptation to eat something from the category of unwholesome at every step. But it turns out there are products that only pretend to be useful.

The website called the TOP 9 products that many find useful for nothing.

Banana chips

Their benefit is that they contain almost all the same, that and bananas: dietary fiber, iron, potassium and magnesium. But manufacturers add in banana chips flavor enhancers and sugar, and often fried in deep fat.

What to replace: homemade banana chips, cooked in the oven or air-dried.


There are many varieties of bread, and they are all different. So you can easily stumble on snacks with harmful oils disguised as bread.

What to replace: just look carefully the composition. There should be no yeast, modified starch, preservatives, colorants, antioxidants. The best cakes are made with whole grains or whole grain flour.

Gluten-free products

Gluten — a protein found in grain. It makes possible the mixing of flour with water. But it is dangerous only for people with gluten intolerance, and those on earth only 1%. All the rest is not necessary to avoid these proteins without consulting a doctor, preferring gluten-free products. They have a lot of refined additives, which makes them only more harmful than.

What to replace: ordinary bread. Go easy on him, but don’t be afraid.

Dried fruits and candied fruits

By themselves, dried fruits are useful, but to protect from mold and to preserve the color, they are treated with fungicides and sulfur dioxide. As for the candied fruits, they use even less because of the huge amount of sugar.

What to replace: try to dry your fruits at home is not difficult, but it is much more useful.


Besides the fact that melted cheese, lots of supplements, it contains a huge amount of sodium. For example, a sandwich with 3 slices of melted cheese will cover 2/3 of the daily value of this element.

What to replace: different varieties of high quality cheese, salty cheese.

Canned vegetables and fruits

Manufacturers add in canned vegetables, barbecue sauce, vinegar and other very useful substances. For example, according to nutritionist Nicole Rodriguez, Bank of beans contains about 3 tablespoons of sugar.

What to replace: choose high-quality canned food made of fresh vegetables without salt, sugar or preservatives or preserve the fruits and vegetables themselves.

Starchy vegetables

Corn, pears, potatoes, pumpkin, yams contain less dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals than other vegetables and fruits. But the number of calories they are far ahead.

This does not mean that we should abandon these vegetables, just those who follow the figure, to lean on them is not recommended.

What to replace: prefer non-starchy (crispy, juicy and green) vegetables, especially after 18:00.


Yogurt from the store contain a lot of sugar and little protein. Moreover, they do not have to chew, and we have the impression that we eat a light meal.

What to replace: choose yogurts that are low in sugar (less than 10 g per serving) and high in protein (about 6g per serving). You can also buy yogurt with no fillers and to mix them with fruit yourself.

Quick-cooking oatmeal

The benefits of oatmeal, but few people know that the cereal that you want to brew only 2-3 minutes, not very useful.

The smaller the grain, the more it has been processed and the higher its glycemic index. So, it will bring excess calories. And of course, quick-cooking cereals with additives and sweeteners is even less useful.

What to replace: choose the oatmeal is coarsely ground. It is brewed longer, but it will give you everything that you expect from this oatmeal.

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