“The female breast is not the subject of banality”: the daughter of the President of Kyrgyzstan stood up for a photo with breastfeeding my son

The daughter of the President of Kyrgyzstan, the artist Aliya Shagieva recently became a mother – she gave birth to a son, Tahir. Being pregnant, she was posted to the social network in linen, which was heavily criticized for the fact that the President’s daughter can not post such on public display.

Aliya’s patience has burst, when she has published a new picture of breastfeeding my son.

In Facebook she wrote a great post that should not be taken the female breast as an object of vulgarity and indecency.

“In this paper I want to share with you thoughts about one of the two mistakes made by people ready to Dole out advice for free online. First error: the sexualization of the female breast. The second mistake: discrimination against people whose parents occupy high office,” writes a young mother.

Aliya believes that women’s Breasts are debased: “the Female breast is not a matter of vulgarity and indecency, according to most of us. For a very long time people forgot about its true purpose and made the subject please the eyes of men.”

The daughter of the President noted that he will do as she is comfortable and will not pay attention to judgmental looks and comments of others.

“I will absolutely still get my chest anywhere when my child is hungry, whether shopping center, salon machine or bench in a public Park,” writes a young mother.

While alia notes that the shame and discomfort that you experience of the surrounding at the sight of a nursing mother is just a spoiled way of thinking.

“And if you see it as impropriety, I have news for you: your shame and your indecent thoughts — it’s your problem, and we just do what is given to us by nature,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, 23-year-old daughter trump went shopping, accompanied by three cars with security.