Makron: emotions and the retreat finished. A return to real politics

“History is above us,” said Emmanuel macron, standing next to Vladimir Putin in the Palace of Versailles. Their responsibility is also greater. The presidents of the French Republic, anointed universal suffrage and nuclear strike forces. Being more influential than British Prime Ministers and German chancellors, who are subordinate to the Parliament, they consider themselves equal to the presidents of Russia and America.

At the moment Emmanuel macron is remembered for his firm handshake with Donald trump and collapsed on Vladimir Putin’s the flow of truth. The French have always been fascinated by their presidents, who immediately after the election soared to the Olympus of foreign policy, to break out of the shackles of internal policy, to make them kings in the theatre of mediocrity and sometimes helplessness, so that they could make the move from candidate to the status of a political figure.

Each acted in its discretion. Jacques Chirac showed pogorletskiy approach: he resumed nuclear testing in the Pacific ocean, which caused a flurry of indignation and violent reaction against the Bosnian Serbs. Once in power, Chirac has done almost nothing for Europe, but then showed unwillingness to implement the Schengen agreement.

His successor Nicolas Sarkozy has resorted to a mix of emotional and aggressive diplomacy. Emotional — against the Bulgarian nurses held in Libya. Risking France’s interests, this line of conduct he will follow, protecting other victims — Ingrid Betancourt (Ingrid Betancourt), who spent 6 years in hostages of the FARC in Colombia, the Cashier Florence (Florence Cassez) serving a sentence in a Mexican prison on charges of kidnapping. Aggressively suspending the budget rules for the Euro, calling this “stupid” German Finance Minister at the first meeting in Brussels. The adoption of the Lisbon Treaty has gone by the wayside.

François Hollande was not able to take a seat on the presidential Olympus. In this he was prevented by the heavenly power — thunder and lightning during its flight to Berlin on the day of his election, and especially the strength of the earth. The socialists and “Green” too often pushed him to the background as the unpopular leader, and prevented him to fully European politics. Had to wait for the invasion of Mali in January 2013 to finally born President Hollande.

Emmanuel macron tries to avoid pitfalls. It is devoid of rigid unilateralism Chirac does not use inappropriate expressions of Sarkozy and not the policy of compassion publicly by personalizing the issues. This, however, does not prevent him to remind about the basic principles as it was during a meeting with Vladimir Putin, when Makron raised the issue of homosexuals in Chechnya and manipulations of Russian media. Solid public voice and understanding how to manage the media contrasts with the restraint Hollande. Macron wants to see himself in the role “demanding pragmatics “. The end emotions — back to real politics.

Young anglofon Makron has a lot of experience of the adviser in the Elysee Palace. It is beneficial to look at the background of two monsters in the face of trump and Putin lost political points Theresa may in connection with Brexia and suddenly tired Angela Merkel. The latter fell out with Putin and is under the constant eye of the tramp, and when she says that Europeans must rely on themselves, want to ask her: Frau Merkel, where were you last 12 years?

It’s time for a Macron, but it hasn’t moved from words to action. Let’s poprawienie — it could be much harder to trump to unite Europeans.

Three examples. NATO to force the Europeans to sign a Declaration stating that article 5 obliges to come to the aid in case of aggression, applicable in all circumstances and that, if necessary, the Europeans would protect US, as they did after September 11, 2001. Climate — confirm that the Paris agreement will certainly be done with the support, no doubt, civil society and U.S. companies. On Iran — the same evening after the re-election of moderate President Hassan Rouhani to reiterate that this agreement remains in force until Tehran takes its responsibilities to keep trump that just being in Riyadh, attributed to Iran the “axis of evil”.

Cowardice or tactics of Macron? Some believe that you need to give Trump, who already gave up the first half of his delusional ideas, a chance to abandon the second part. The same applies to Putin regarding the future of Assad and Crimea issues are not specifically raised in public.

Holding out his hand, the macron is hoping to occupy a Central place in world politics. Unlike Merkel, he didn’t approve of the US refusal of the Paris agreement on climate change and warned Putin that in case of use of chemical weapons in Syria, France would immediately react.

The head of the French Republic went on a double risk: to cause discontent trump climate agreement — and unless he was given guarantees? And release three missiles to Damascus, as did trump this winter to show his power if Assad would poison their own people with chemical weapons. In both cases, the macron will be called a naive youngster, and all this will result in the unification of Europeans who will cooperate, sticking to a hard line.

Finally, in terms of Angela Merkel. Known way to create a balance of power to complete the integration of the Euro area. You need to fulfil the necessary economic reforms in France. And for that macron have to descend from Olympus.