Science and Technology Daily (China): cicmil while losing weight – who are we kidding?

With the arrival of summer for many was the issue of weight loss and exercise. Some people from time to time arrange cicmil — planned violation of the diet. According to tips on losing weight from the web, sometimes during a diet you should give yourself breaks and have favorite high-calorie and high-carbohydrate products that do not promote weight loss. It was noted that a prolonged diet with a reduced calorie and low fat content leads to a decrease of fat deposition in the body, thereby reducing the level of leptin secreted by fatty tissue, and cicmil, conversely, can stabilize the level of this hormone. In this case, whether such “deception in food” helps us to lose weight?

The relationship between the development of obesity and leptin is not revealed

Hot pot, ice cream, beverages, rice, noodles… Specific dishes or products selected for Camila, doesn’t matter. It can be any food you want but can’t eat while on a diet.

“If some of the above foods are rice, noodles, seafood, yogurt and other, it suggests that your diet is too strict. Real cicmil is a food with very high calories and low nutritional value, for example, ice cream, fries, milk tea, sweets and so on,” explains sun Qing, Professor, Institute of chemistry and bioengineering, Beijing University of science and technology. We all know that excessive consumption of such products negatively affects health, but we still want them. So rarely can have such cicmil. Moreover, the use of harmful products in moderation even helps to lose weight.

According to some articles, cicmil stabilize the level of leptin. In relation to this Soong Ching States that leptin is a protein hormone secreted by adipose tissue. Scientific studies confirm that getting blood in the brain, leptin is involved in the development and release of many other hormones and signaling factors in the regulation of energy metabolism of sugars, fats and other substances, which leads to a reduction of body food intake, increase of energy released, the suppression of the synthesis in fat cells, and then to the reduction of body weight.

“In addition to leptin, ghrelin, hunger hormone, secreted by the stomach, plays an important role in the balance control of the human diet. However, the implementation of physiological functions of leptin and ghrelin requires appropriate cellular receptors. From the standpoint of clinical research, blocking these receptors and transmission of signals they’ve sent is a major cause of imbalance of power. Clinical application of leptin gives very little effectiveness.” According to sun Qing, a clear link between the development of obesity and leptin is not yet established. According to some experiments, healthy people may temporarily increase leptin levels with the help of Camila, but because of individual differences, the results may not be applicable for all dieters. Thus, the statement that “cicmil stabilizes leptin levels” was not supported by scientific research. It’s more like an excuse to eat junk food.

Cicmil will hardly help to normalize metabolism

Diet or weight loss over a period of time tends to slow down basic metabolism because of inadequate calorie intake. Some believe that cicmil can stabilize the metabolism. So the body will think that it does not limit calories, and will support basic metabolism.

As claimed by Soong Ching, “basic metabolic rate is the rate of energy exchange in the process of wakefulness and calmness of the body, which does not depend on muscle activity, environmental temperature, food intake, mental stress and other factors. That is the basic metabolic rate — the percentage ratio between the standard calorie intake and minimum calorie consumption per hour per unit area of the surface of the body, necessary for all life processes”.

Experts say that weight loss, even if we correctly control your diet, will inevitably lead to slowdown in core metabolism to one degree or another, since the most important factors influencing the basic speed of a metabolism of people with excess body weight are muscle mass (also known as dry weight, that is the overall entire body weight minus fat mass, mostly muscle) and body surface area.

According to sun Qing, “the process of losing weight helps to reduce the body surface area. If this does not increases muscle mass, it is still a slowdown in metabolism. In other words, even if cicmil affects metabolism, its efficiency would be extremely small. Therefore, to make such “cheating meals” to stabilize the metabolism is impractical, our body does not hold”.

“An effective way to reduce weight is proper diet and regular exercise. The restriction of diet is necessary to monitor the consumption of adequate amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and other micronutrients. The only way to remain healthy,” said song Qing.