A Russian businessman wants to revive the tsarist Empire on the Pacific Atoll

Russian monarchist intends to buy three uninhabited Islands in the remote Pacific country of Kiribati, to revive the Romanov Empire and create “alternative Russia”.

Businessman and former Deputy of the Russian Parliament Bakov visited the tiny nation of Kiribati this week, when prompted to discuss his plan to purchase or lease the three southern Islands.

He proposed to establish the capital of a new Russian state on the uninhabited coral Atoll of Malden in the South Pacific ocean. Businessman plans to invest 280 million pounds and create on the island resorts network.

Being a staunch monarchist, Tanks wants 64-year-old German aristocrat, Prince Karl Emikh Reinhard obviously are prapravnuchka who ruled in the 19th century the Russian Emperor Alexander II ascended the throne and restored Russian monarchy was overthrown in 1917 during the Bolshevik revolution.

Visiting Kiribati together with his wife, who carried out functions of interpreter, Tanks said that many Russians who are disappointed in Russian President Vladimir Putin, support the idea of reviving the monarchy.

“This desire is not only the heir to the Russian throne, but also a large number of patriots who are unhappy with the Putin regime and want the revival of the Empire of the Romanovs as an alternative to Russia has become a notable phenomenon,” he told Radio New Zealand.

Tanks, who became the founder of the Monarchist party of Russia, had previously made attempts to revive the Empire in Montenegro and in the cook Islands which is a country in the South Pacific ocean and are in free Association with New Zealand.

But the authorities of the country of Kiribati, which is a cluster of 33 coral atolls halfway from Australia to Hawaii, seriously considering the last sentence of tanks.

This country has an uncertain future, because its Islands are gradually fading under the water, and she is looking for new sources of income and places for the resettlement of 107 thousand of its citizens whose homes and livelihoods were under threat.

The government of Kiribati announced that his Commission on foreign investment considering the offer tanks.

Former President of Kiribati Teburoro Tito (Teburoro Tito) said that thanks to this plan, the country could receive badly needed investment and become a tourist attraction, like the Maldives.

“Assuming they’re telling the truth, then I would like that to happen, he said. — If they are able to do it without any cost on our part, except the land that we can give back to them, then I see no reason for concern at this stage”.

But someone asks questions about the motives behind this rather unusual plan to create a remote Outpost of the former Russian Empire on three isolated atolls.

Some suggest that Tanks hopes to create a tax haven.

Working in Tonga scientist Sitiveni, Halapua (Sitiveni Halapua) has described the plan as “intimidating” and “very strange”.

“I can understand the government of Kiribati, struggling to get the maximum possible amount of resources to solve their own problems, including those associated with climate change. But remember one thing. Sometimes it seems that you found a solution to their problems, but in the end the problem is only getting worse,” said Halapua Radio New Zealand.