Crop forecast adjusted: not only more, but better

The quality of grain may be much better due to rains

In Ukraine in the current year due to the rainy weather forecast an improvement in not only an earlier harvest estimates, but also its quality. Thus, the share of food quality wheat in the harvest will be above 50%. Such data shared in the analytical Agency “UkrAgroConsult”.

“The may rains have improved the condition of wheat throughout the territory of Ukraine, except the extreme South. And hot weather in June, accompanied by rain, favorably affects both the quality and quantity of grain. This year, the share of wheat in food quality in the harvest will be more than 50%,” – said the analysts.

These weather conditions will continue in the near future, which is good for dautrevaux grain in the early spring, and for maize and sunflower. In the black sea region will start the harvesting campaign. First obcasy began with a winter barley, then begin to harvest wheat.

Start cleaning accompanied by a seasonal fall in prices. The additional pressure of global factors, high global carryover, improving forecasts of the wheat crop in Russia, the beginning of harvest in the US and the EU. However, the price of wheat remains higher than in the same period last year, at 7-8 dollars.

“Because the cleaning will start from the South, the most affected by the dry conditions of spring, the first yield will be significantly worse than last year. At sufficiently high protein grain will go frail, low full-scale weight,” – experts say.