Trinity 2017: what not to do in this day

The feast of the Holy Trinity, which is always celebrated on the 50th day after Easter, falls this year on Sunday, June 4.

This day has its own traditions, superstitions and prohibitions. What not to do in this holiday, found

It is believed that the Trinity is not necessary to appoint the wedding – supposedly nothing good such a family is not waiting.

Also on this day it is forbidden to sew, bake and work in the garden. It should be noted that the Trinity coincides with the end of the hard work and preparation for the harvest.

Those people who do not rest on this day, according to legends, waiting for the scourge: those who plow, the cattle will fall, those who sow, hail beat the crops. Those who are spinning wool, sheep get lost.

Whit Monday is the day after Trinity, when it is forbidden to work the land, but you can search it for treasure. Allegedly, the earth, the day is sure to give a good person something of value.

The people believed that the Trinity come mythical creatures – and Mavka mermaid, so do not want one to go in the woods or on the field. Also you can’t drive to the forest animals. And the Trinity you can not swim, otherwise, according to ancient legends, mermaids are tightened down.