Budget vacation on the Black sea: a family holiday in Karolino-Buhaz

Budget vacation on the Black sea: a family holiday in Karolino-Buhaz

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Marina Popovich

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Karolino-buhaz is a town in Odessa region, popular with tourists, especially families with children. The sea is clean, the prices are relatively low.

The resort is located on a small hill between Zatoka and Gribovka, between the Black sea and Dniester estuary, therefore it is a unique resort area. There are many boarding houses, bases and hotels with different levels of service and comfort.

Karolino-buhaz: vacation with children

The name of the village was inherited from the Tatar settlement Bugaz (translation – “sinking sand”) and the name of the Polish count Karol Scibor-Marchocki, one of his first owners. In addition to beautiful name, the resort boasts a wide net of black sea beaches, good transport interchange, developed infrastructure and the ability to relax with the whole family at affordable prices.

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For children is a popular resort, because the depth near the shore is quite small, the water is warm and the beach is completely sandy. The beaches are usually fully equipped for a comfortable holiday, offering sun loungers, parasols,

How to get Karolino-buhaz

Because the village is located just 50 km from Odessa, to get the easiest from the regional center. Cars, ride buses (ply regularly between Odessa station), the train — transport is no problem.

From Kiev can be reached by car on the Odessa route is approximately 5 hours (distance of about 500 km).

Also direct trains (Kiev – Izmail No. 145) with a stop in the village itself, and from Odessa in Karolino-buhaz can be reached by train, following in the direction Belgorod-Dniester.

  • In terms of quarantine for pandemic coronavirus, the time and direction of trains and specify

Rest on Black sea Karolino-Buhaz: prices and accommodation options

Accommodation options in the resort village enough – the private sector, resorts, hotels. Compare prices to rest in Karolino-Buhaz in 2020 and make a choice on your own.

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Pricing depends on the season: during conventionally low season (may-early June and September), you can find housing cheaper in the high season (July-August) and on holidays in may — the highest prices. The resort is the most popular housing — the private sector, because there you can relax budget.

Approximate prices for rest in Karolino-Buhaz in 2020 are:

  • from 120 UAH for a room in the house (the budget option and modest conditions, without air conditioning, to the sea to go 20-30 minutes);
  • from 450 to 500 UAH, for two persons in room with private facilities in hotel, guest house, mini-hotel;
  • from 1000 UAH, for two persons in Deluxe category room, with a swimming pool on site and on the first line of the sea.

But again: the prices can vary greatly depending on season, location, living conditions (including the size of rooms, availability of amenities therein), provided services, infrastructure development nearby and the possibility of providing additional services on request.

In addition, for an additional fee, you’ll enjoy complete meals or by appointment. Shops, supermarkets, a small market — it’s all there in the village. You can save money by buying groceries and preparing food yourself.

Karolino-buhaz: weather, temperature of air and water

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Weather in Karolino-Buhaz in July and August promises to be Sunny and in the average would be 27 to 29 degrees, although it is occasionally possible short-term precipitation. The temperature of the Black sea, Karolino-Buhaz in the summer months, the warming from 24 to 27 degrees.

On the beaches in the resort village of white fine sand, all of them clean and organized. Depth near shore is small, which is ideal for children.

What to do in Karolino-Buhaz

In Karolino-Buhaz of entertainment for children and adults abound. On the beaches you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also to actively relax. There are water rides, scooters, skating to “banana”, catamarans, water-skiing, etc.

You can also visit famous tourist centers nearby — is, first and foremost, the city of Belgorod-Dniester and its famous fortress, “the Ukrainian Venice” Vilkovo Odessa (where no tour programs have something to see and do). You can also visit the wine cellars Chabot, pay a visit to the catacombs in Nerubayskoye, a ride in the nearby Zatoka, where the resort life rages not only by day but by night, the local discos and night clubs are always welcome.

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Well, for those who like solitude with nature, a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle, will enjoy the remoteness of Karolino-Buhaz from industrial facilities, busy roads and anything that interferes with contemplative rest. Especially the silence of this clean cozy seaside resort appreciated by parents of young children. Although I love to come here not only families, but also young people in search of a budget holiday on the Black sea.

In any case, wherever you went on vacation, may it be wonderful!

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