Alain Shoptenko for the first time commented on the recognition of Dicesare about his feelings for her

Alain Shoptenko for the first time commented on the recognition of Dicesare about his feelings for her

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The former spouses were able to save a relationship after a divorce

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

the editor of the Show business

Dancer Alain Shoptenko live in the Instagram program “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine” commented on the words of Dmitry Dikusar about their marriage.

During a recent interview with famous choreographer Dmitry Dikusar called Alain Shoptenko the love of your life. Team “Sarcofago the way” learned how to respond to these words his ex-wife.

Choreographers Alain Shoptenko and Dmitry Dikusar Photo: Instagram

“At that time it was the right decision. We were young, everyone was doing himself and his career, said the choreographer during an interview for the TV channel “Ukraine”. – I did everything that had to do as a wife. However, Dima also say that he made mistakes”.

After a while Alain Shoptenko remarried. According to the choreographer, after the appearance of the son she otherwise looks that ever happened in her life.

“Giving birth to a child, I really changed as a person. I have otherwise perceive something that reacted early. Relationships are work, but not Vice versa. We with Dima were great partners on the dance floor and cool complement each other, but that’s not all you need for a relationship” – says Alain.

During the communication with subscribers “Sarcofago high road”, the choreographer admitted that fondly recalls the time when she was together with Dicesare.

“I am very grateful to Dima, we had a wonderful relationship. It was a lot of cool and very much heavy. We are in some degree formed each other and remained on good terms. I certainly understand that it was possible then to change. But, on the other hand, if it happened, then it was meant to be: we needed to go to their lessons and to make mistakes,” says the dancer.

The former spouses were able to retain most valuable: “the Fact that Dima today remain in normal relations is a proper response, we act Mature. I really respect him as a professional and as a person. And I will always speak about him only in the best way. It was a great time, and I feel only gratitude.”

Watch the program “Sravi way” on air of TV channel “Ukraine”.

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