Budapest format of negotiations on Crimea: why it is good for Ukraine

In this format we can talk about the actions of Russia without Russia itself, says Elena Snigir

The format of the de-occupation of Crimea in consultations under the Budapest Memorandum
– this is a very good political move on the part of Ukraine. Western States have no argument against it, except that they are politically not ready. But tomorrow that could change. Comments about this site, “Today,” said the expert of the Center for global studies “Strategy XXI” Elena Snigir.

According to her, in April 2014 Ukraine has managed to reach the “Geneva” format of talks, which discussed the question of the Crimea. In Geneva on 17 April gathered Andriy Deshchytsia, Kerry, EU high representative Catherine Ashton and Sergei Lavrov. The parties also signed a statement of four points. However, according to Elena Snigir, Russia successfully managed to bring the Crimea in brackets.

“Donbas is a “Norman” format, and in the Crimea there is nothing. The annexation and occupation of Crimea Russia violated the postwar European order, under which she also signed. The Budapest Memorandum at the time, was including about it. Crimea is a vivid violation of the Budapest Memorandum,” – said Elena Snigir.

The purpose of the “Budapest” format, according to her, must be a design problem of de-occupation of Crimea to the international debate with clearly defined requirements for Russia.

“We do not expect that Russia will join the “Budapest” format. We can start talking about the actions of Russia and without Russia. We can talk including the pan-European security, since such a discussion, initiated by the Russian, already in full swing. “Budapest” format is a good idea for Ukraine in the translation of the discussion about creating a new European bezopasnosti order is destroyed by Russia in a constructive direction. After all, without discussion of the problem of occupation of Crimea all the discussions and built a new defense system will be complete,” concluded Elena Snigir.

Recall, a member of the Board of the Council on foreign relations, “the Ukrainian prism” Anna Shelest in comments to the website “Today” to explain why the negotiations in the “Budapest format” make no sense without Russia

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We will remind, following the results of negotiations in Berlin on 2 June, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said that no direct talks in Kiev with Pro-Russian militants in the Donbas will not:

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