Who is Andrew Strahov?

Among the active inhabitants of Bucha and Irpin voting age it is hard to find someone who has not heard the name of Strahov Andrei. Currently best known as the Deputy of the Irpin city Council, Andrey Strahov also a head of the construction Group of companies “Strakhovskyi Group” and President of the Kyiv regional Federation of Olympic Taekwondo. Strahov is directly involved in many successful projects in each of the areas of its activities. And the fact that it projects are truly successful, beyond doubt: for example, one of the housing complexes, the LCD Continent, one of the ten best new buildings of the Kiev region! What is the secret of such activity, and what business considers itself the main Strahov? We had a little interview with Andrei Andreevich.

— Hello, Andrey Andreyevich! Can you answer the question: Strahov Andrew — who is it?

— Hello! First and foremost I was born and raised ybenjamin who sincerely loves his hometown. And all what I do, allows me to have the opportunity to really improve and Irpen, and the fur fly and, of course, life in these cities.

Your innovative methods in the construction and improvement of residential complexes is a subject of discussion among other developers. You set the trend to follow which is not easy. Why have you chosen this approach to development?

My objective is to design and build houses, developments and whole residential areas, which will be without reservation comfortable and convenient living. Currently, four walls with Windows and a secure car Park not enough to be considered a modern house and strive to get it flat. I know that in the pursuit of big profit it’s easier to neglect ergonomics, innovative solutions, technical component. However, my goal is to build for the ages and so many years later, given the continuously evolving technologies in my houses would be as comfortable to live as you do today.

— Which of your projects you ‘re most proud of?

It is a very difficult question that is very difficult to find a suitable answer. Probably, it is wrong to operate on the word “proud”. Any project that is involved I personally, or my team is doing, taken me to heart. Any undertaking is not done just so, and to achieve a definite result. Among our projects is, as a mass, popular that on hearing of a large number of people, and those, which knows only a small circle directly involved in them. Is it possible to highlight some of the projects as special? No, we are all proud of what we do.

— And last question. All inASHI initiatives cause positive response from the residents of Bucha and Irpin? Where toyou draw inspiration active?

— You know, it would be strange if the activities of any kind would only be fans and there would be critics. Even if you do something that society approves of course, there are always people who don’t like your methods or the speed of your work. But there is a great recipe to continue to do the thing you believe to be true: when I see us comfortable in the parks the rest of the people in our sports clubs come children, I know that all our efforts were not in vain. And I know that tomorrow we will tackle a new case that another step will bring us closer to our goal: the city in which to live well.