Zaxid (Ukraine): only Avakov, otherwise “Putin will attack”

The United States, to the delight of his enemies, and primarily Moscow, entered a period of deep social and political crisis caused by the murder of a black man during the arrest of its police. Across the country held protests, which a train pulled riots, hard clashes with the police, looting, robbery, arson.

This worsens the overall socio-economic situation in the country, which were sad due to pandemic coronavirus and the need for a hard lockdown. “America begins to crumble. The United States entered a period of confusion,” a post on Twitter gloating Russian Senator and respected at home expert on foreign policy Alexei Pushkov, discussing the details about what the United States is now faced with the “internal schism” and “racial riot”.

On the one hand, it is difficult to disagree with the fact that the US is really worried perhaps the greatest social crisis since 1968. We will remind, then riots American students were supplemented with protests of the African-American population, disturbed by the brutal murder of his spiritual mentor of Martin Luther king. Currently the us government is in a difficult position, in fact in zugzwang. Because too hard to take action in order not to provoke an even stronger emotion. At the same time, it is necessary to restore order in cities where in what not guilty people suffer from looting and pillaging.

Remember how it all began. The twenty-fifth of may, a police patrol in the city of Minneapolis responded to a call of a shop owner who complained that a pack of cigarettes and paid with a fake twenty dollar bill. They found 46-year-old black resident of the city of George Floyd, who worked as a guard in St Louis. As it turned out, Floyd was already repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility. At least five times he has served prison terms of varying lengths. In particular, did five years for armed robbery.

During the described detention Floyd resisted. Therefore, the police legitimately resorted to tough action, put on the handcuffs detained, laying it flat on the asphalt. But the legality ends at the moment when one of the officers Derek Savin, despite the fact that the detainee did not resist, he rested a knee on the neck.

Later in social networks video, which was shown this moment. Floyd at this point, several times repeated, that he could not breathe, and then fell silent. Subsequently forensic scientists (during re-examination) will prove conclusively that the death of a detainee occurred because of the lack of blood flow to the brain. That is Floyd died from asphyxia caused by compression of the neck and back.

So, four police officers, who detained the suspect, has exceeded his authority. First of all Showin, by their actions, caused the death of Floyd, and this was not the first act of cruelty during his service. But the fault is not removed with the other three police officers who calmly observed actually behind the murder. And no matter what we are talking about the repeat offender, because he has the same rights as other citizens.

This murder was complicated by the fact that the investigating authorities is not timely filed charges against the perpetrators, thereby provoking the United States riots of such magnitude, that to pacify them I had to call in the National guard. And the President, Donald trump declared intention to use the army.

Could this indicate that “America is beginning to crumble”? Not at all. Rather, it is a clear demonstration that Americans will not tolerate lawlessness, especially when doing it on the authorities. They are ready to defend their rights and values, often resorting to, to put it mildly, asymmetric actions. It should be perceived primarily as a social activity in the struggle for democracy.

It is clear that I would like to have all these protests were accompanied by looting, arson and looting. But the advice is difficult to give, in the struggle for the triumph of democracy it is impossible to do without further losses.

Let us now try to throw a landmark bridge across the Atlantic to his native Ukraine. What achievements can boast of our police. Not yet erased from memory the moment when it was solemnly renamed, dismissing into oblivion the stupid Soviet name “the police”. Five years ago it seemed that the police reform will be a cornerstone for positive transformation in our society. The policeman in a new uniform, so similar to us, will be no worse than their Western counterparts. We massively selfiles updated with the representatives of patrol police, we sincerely smiled at them, meeting on the street, we believed them… We were firmly convinced that anything like the vradiyevsky events (in the night from 26 to 27 June 2013, two police officers have committed gang rape, which ended with the attempted premeditated murder committed with special cruelty in relation to a resident of the village Vradiivka 29-summer Irina Krashkova —approx. transl.) may not be repeated in principle.

But time passed, and the reform has not progressed beyond the beautiful forms and the updated composition of the police patrol, which have become increasingly different from its predecessors. Maybe we are to blame, because it’s not too demanded real changes are relied upon Arsen Avakov, who, in his epistolary art in social networks allegedly managed to convince everyone in the successful implementation of the reforms?

Even blatant case in Kagarlyksky district (rape and torture people — approx. transl.) society somehow swallowed. Not resorted to mass actions, riots, assaults sites. At least like the response of people in vradiyevke in 2013.

Indeed, in Kaharlyk police Nicholas Kuziv and Sergey Sulima were not dealing with some dangerous recidivist. They mocked the young woman, and, finally, also raped her. Two police officers had committed excesses, and the whole plot pretended that nothing happens. Here is the whole reform.

And then the question must arise first of all not even to these humans in uniform, because somehow they were able to get a job in the police. As to the fact that their blanket superiors, despite the fact that, as it turned out, already far not the first manifestation of their bestial cruelty during interrogations. That is, such behavior in the law enforcement system was obviously commonplace. And all would have continued, if Cozy and Sulima hasn’t lost his head against impunity and the incident would not have come out.

We have already started to forget about the death of a five-year Cyril Tleuova in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi. Not worth it, especially given the fact that he died from a bullet of a drunken cops, which is kind of a fun arms around his house. However, the perpetrators are still not punished.

But then again there are fresh examples that do not demonstrate the professionalism and integrity of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. This mass shooting in Brovary, and the mining of the bridge in Kyiv, and the like.

Given the above, is forced to once again ask a question that has repeatedly drawn attention in his articles: what is Arsen Avakov, who primarily should be responsible for all these outrages, still doing as Minister of internal Affairs?

Arsen Avakov is unique in certain respects the Minister. First of all, because of no one so long as he was in this position in Ukraine. Second, neither the head of the interior Ministry have not yet had in this country such influence, which has Avakov. He single-handedly manages Nicolicea, the interior Ministry, patrol police, State border service, gschs, the State migration service, the National guard, but also creates under the leadership of the paramilitary organization. Thirdly, it is the Minister who constantly from the day of his appointment violates the Constitution and the laws that oblige officials to use in their activities the state language. And he’s what? And he wanted to spit.

Avakov sat down in his chair so firmly that no power, neither the Prime Minister or the President is unable to push him out. Nothing, most likely, will be completed and the current attempt to collide with “superministry”. But, at least we observe very interesting trends.

For example, I was interested in the fact that, once over Avakov begin to thicken the clouds, as in his defense are those bloggers who tend to protect the position of Petro Poroshenko from the time of his presidency (I deliberately do not use the phrase “Parkaboy”, not to offend anyone and not to simplify the situation). Many of them last year sharply criticized the interior Minister, declaring almost an enemy of the state that on the eve of presidential elections almost openly sided with Vladimir Zelensky. But currently, their rhetoric changed rapidly. They began seriously to assert that Avakov is now no alternative.

Take, for example, an avid apologist for the fifth President Karl Volokh. His new post to defend Avakov has already become a byword, like the one when he leaves the leadership right on corruption, if only “Putin has not attacked”. Here Mr. Volokh again frighten his followers collective Putin, from which we are able to protect none other than Arsen Avakov.

“I wonder how many decent, Patriotic people, the last days participated in the attack on Avakov, understand that they are acting in full compliance with the plan of Ermak? How many of them remember what we are talking about the commandant of the Maidan, the asset is the suppression of (bloodless) “Russian spring” in Kharkov, organized and armed dobrobatov, the creation of the national guard, etc? And how many of them realize that, if this plan (Ermak) is implemented, in place of the Minister of interior will come next Babikov (Sokolov, Venediktov), who never stops to give the order to fire on the parties following independence, without which, obviously, is not going to be okay?” — asks a rhetorical question Karl Volokh.

These statements may have a suspicion that Poroshenko was able to negotiate with Avakov, at least to conclude with them a Covenant, after a long strife. Another confirmation of these suspicions was the fact, the persistence with which the representatives of the faction “European solidarity” in Parliament opposed the initiative, it would seem that the allied party “Voice” to sign a letter demanding the resignation of Minister of internal Affairs. The followers of the Poroshenko claimed that this initiative is just public relations “Voice” that it has no legal force, that is necessary to raise the question not the resignation of one Minister but the whole government. Mykola knyazhytsky, for example, argues that signing the document does not make sense, because votes for resignation of Avakov and so does not reach. But Volodymyr Ariev wrote on Twitter the following statement: “This is a response to the failure of “the Voice” to support us in authorities assaults on our colleagues.” In short, from the EU side we have heard only that the younger generation has rightly been called “rotten excuses”.

What’s going to happen with Avakov? We have not forgotten how the corruption trail stretches behind him. Not forgotten his backpacks for the Ministry’s departments, acquired at inflated prices through the company controlled by the family of Arsen Avakov. How much of my time preparing high-profile cases of police corruption, conflict of interests, nepotism (patronage granted to friends or relatives regardless of their professional qualities — approx. transl.). And Avakov, like water off a duck.

It is likely that the same effect will be and the current attempts to displace Avakov, because it seems that the current President Zelensky also in dire need of it. At least the Minister was able to impose a head of state such an opinion.

And we — not the Americans, will tolerate without resorting to excesses. Will continue to believe that Avakov is no alternative, and then we will be like in America.