Activists continue to picket the Solomensky district court

Activists continue to picket the Solomensky district court of Kyiv, which is now suspended Chairman, GFS Roman Nasirov.

The number of protesters decreased slightly. Now at the entrance to the court there are about a hundred activists. As before, the cars of automaidan block away from the courthouse. They brought a generator, which turned the music on and set the table with tea.

Dozens of people remain around the courthouse, they’re guarding all the exits and exits of the courthouse.

We will remind, at midnight on March 6 expired 72 hours allotted by the law for the detention of the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov.

The court never chose a measure of restraint to the chief attorney of Ukraine, the NAB stated that the new suspect to the Nasirova no.

Thus, prosecutors SAP, the employees of the NABU and the doctors had already left the courthouse.

One of the lawyers of the Roman Nasirov Alexander Lysak read out a statement by the head of the SFS, which stated that his client believes himself to be free and agrees to the limitation of their rights and the control of the NABOO and the ARS.

“Considering the public outcry that arose around this case, he intends to show initiative and otherwise demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with the investigation and without any doubt – not to leave the Ukraine. He does not consider himself guilty. Thus, to avoid any speculation he agrees to a temporary restriction of their constitutional rights, to allow employees NABU and SAP around the clock observable, i.e. either in the hospital or in the home, until the decision of the investigating judge,” said the defender.

Also lisak said that the confirmation from the leaders of NABOO and SAP on the invitation of the court lawyers have not received.