The channel 112 (Ukraine): the power definitively lies in the functioning of the American biological laboratories in Ukraine

Well, let’s sum up the interim results of our work on the study of the information about the illegal operation in Ukraine, the American military bacteriological laboratories. I recall that on numerous complaints of deputies opsi on this occasion, the President finally answered. He said that national security was not within his competence (!) and forwarded our requests to the Prime Minister, acting on the same logic, redirect them to the Minister of health.

Well, now comes the fun part. From the Ministry of health we received two mutually exclusive response. In one of them, the Minister says that Ukraine has, quote, “no American biological laboratory,” and in another that “the American lab is not engaged in business activities in Ukraine.” Interesting, isn’t it? “No” and “not engaged in business activities” is, as they say in Odessa, “two big differences”.

The legislation of Ukraine by economic activity involves activities associated with production, realization of goods, execution of works aimed at generating income.

Of course, the American biological laboratory in the Ukraine is not engaged in “economic activity”- they are engaged in the activities of the intelligence and also work on the creation of biological weapons and testing on the Slavs-Ukrainians some malicious viruses. This is a relatively “not engaged in business activities”.

Now, regarding the “not available”. April 24, 2020 the U.S. Embassy in response to our parliamentary statement said that the Ministry of defense in cooperation with the Ukrainian government “are working towards a peaceful study of dangerous viruses” in Ukraine. Feel the difference: “missing” and “work together”?

In short, you are our dear state and political figures from the “land of the smartphone,” we, the deputies OPSG, prepare you new to parliamentary inquiries, for which you will have to answer. Meanwhile, the mail have them delivered, gather, please, as its a close and fun with a circle and remember:

1. What crimes are investigated by the Prosecutor General in criminal proceedings No. 42016000000001742 and what is the fate of this production?

2. Who and on what basis it took decision on liquidation of Ukraine sanitary-epidemiological service and the alterations of the regional SES under certain mysterious “epidemiologi monitoring laboratory”?

3. What do you know about the construction project in Ukraine 490 bacteriological sentinel points about its implementation?

The group meeting recommend to be chaired by the President with the mandatory participation of the management of GPU, SBU, the Ministry of health, Ministry of defense and OP. Well and that two times not to meet, remember that the abbreviation “ELISS” and that American military scouts, those who “are not engaged in business activities in Ukraine” and “none” set in Kiev at the hem ul. Yaroslavskaya.

Renat Kuzmin, the Deputy of Ukraine from “Oppositional platform For life”