The trip to Moscow of Mr. Kovnatskogo

The national conservative ruling party of Poland “law and justice” has long been at odds with other nationalist forces of Europe in one important point: it seemed that when the leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski (jarosław Kaczynski) it has not succumbed to the Russian bait. According to Kaczynski, Russia is not the bearer of the Christian-Patriotic “values,” and the aggressor. Now this pattern is changing. Some Polish journalists found out that first of all the Deputy Kaczynski’s “Law and justice”, defence Minister Antony, Macarevich (Antoni Macierewicz) for many years was enmeshed in a network of Pro-Russian activists.

Macierewicz is, after Kaczynski’s most important ideologue of the right, according to circumstances critic of Germany, the EU or Russia, a man with tremendous authority in the clerical-nationalist circles of the party “law and justice”. However, a recently published book about alleged Russian relations in his environment now threatens to ruin his image of an uncompromising fighter against all enemies of Poland. In this book, the journalist Piontek Tomasz (Tomasz Piatek) tells among other things about the case of Colonel Christopher guy (Krzysztof Gaj), which Macierewicz back out of retirement and appointed to the General staff, where he was tasked with building the new Polish territorial army.

The guy lost his post in 2016, when it became known that the Russian intervention in Ukraine as he endorsed the fight against “fascists”. Another figure from this series is Caluha Marian (Marian Szolucha), who for some time was Deputy head of the Polish state defense group Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ). He left after the publication of information about his links with the Pro-Russian “European centre of geopolitical analysis” (ECAG).

According to this newspaper, and also one of the secretaries of state of Mazarevica, Kownacki Bartosz (Bartosz Kownacki) had past ties with the ECAG. Because he is in 2012 at the invitation of the Pro-Russian ECAG went to Russia for the presidential elections as “observer”. All other participants got into the field of view of a Pro-Russian activities, one was well acquainted with the separatists in the Russian-occupied Eastern Ukraine.

The Pro-Russian structure of the European right

In addition, the Secretary of state Kownacki belonged to Pro-Russian structures of the European right, where a certain role was played also the founder French National front Jean-Marie Le Pen (Jean-Marie Le Pen), and the former head of the British national party Nick Griffin (Nick Griffin). Deputy Chairman of the Pro-Russian Polish small party of “Change”, Konrad Rekas (Konrad Rekas), said in an interview with this newspaper that as and when Kovnatskogo with Moscow, and those with the European right was established by the Chairman of the critical NATO the party of “Change”, Piskorski Mateusz (Mateusz Piskorski).

The Secretary of state Kownacki in my 37 years belongs to a younger generation of nationalists, which surrounds himself with his boss, defense Minister Macierewicz. He became famous when his Minister in 2016, had a falling out with France, because he at the last minute refused to buy helicopters of the company “Airbus”. Kownacki believed then that the French — it’s just those people “whom we were taught to eat with a fork”.

Activities in the “European center of geopolitical analysis”

On the website of the Russian CEC, you can read that “Kownacki really was one of the four observers from the “NGOs” from Poland in the 2012 election” (which Vladimir Putin won with 64%). Amazing composition of this group. Also, the group of observers consisted of Coluche, which later, when it became known to his contacts with ECAG, lost their place in the Armoury of the PGZ group and the ECAG Director, the head of the Polish Pro-Russian party “Change” Mateusz Piskorski. Latest in 2014, when Russia annexed Ukrainian Crimea, led the “international observation mission” of the partly-minded right-wing extremist European politicians. Then the mission was “observed” in Moscow arranged a referendum on secession from Ukraine and, of course, approved the referendum, the article says. The photos show how Piskorski shook hands with the leader of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko. Other companion on the trip to Moscow of the future Secretary of state Kovnatskogo was a former Polish MP Andrzej Romanek (Andrzej Romanek). He also participated in the activities of the “observer mission” to “referendum” on the annexation of the Crimea. “In a company’s future Deputy Mazarevica Kownacki went as an observer from one non-governmental organizations in Moscow.

Piskorski is the same party of “Change” Konrad Rekas (Konrad Rekas), also one of the leaders of ECAG, confirmed that “Piskorski in 2012 through the “European center of geopolitical analysis” organized a trip to the future of Russia, the Deputy Minister Kovnatskogo”. “Piskorski organized this mission and was a mediator between Polish and Russian partners — says Rekas in response to the request of the newspaper. — It was believed that the circle of persons around Kovnatskogo had to meet with our Russian partners. In turn, the Russian civil organization was interested in contacts with the moderately right-wing circles in Poland, as expected, that their power will soon increase. Range of interests Bartos Kovnatskogo predestined him for this mission because of his previous contacts with Matos (Piskorski) and their friends.”

What is the purpose of ECAG and “Change”? The headquarters of “Change” until recently was in a former Soviet-Polish friendship in Warsaw, and the party called itself “the first non-party of Poland”. “We don’t want Poland was assigned the role of an American watchdog”, — told in party. Instead, Warsaw is discussed later, to establish good relations with all its neighbors, “especially with Russia”. The party has consistently spoken out against Poland’s membership in NATO. 2016 Piskorski is under investigation. The investigation against him in secret, but the newspaper managed to learn that “he is accused of espionage”. At the request of a conversation with him, the Polish authorities have not yet responded.

Society nationalist Putin apologists

According to Ricasa, Piskorski introduced the future child Mazarevica Kovnatskogo not only with people from Russia, but also part of a nationalist network in Europe, which supports Putin, said later. Rekas says that his “chief arrested in 2012 brought the Deputy Minister with the Alliance of European national movements (AENM)”. And indeed, later politician of the French National front, Bruno Gollnish (Bruno Gollnisch) called the future, the Polish Deputy Minister “an associate member of the AENM”, in the same way as the founder of the party Jean-Marie Le pen, the head of the British national party nick Griffin. Once extreme right-wing Hungarian party “Jobbik” was part of the Alliance.

So this society, the nationalist Putin apologists then belonged, obviously, the current Deputy Minister of defence of Poland Kownacki. The Polish Ministry of defence did not answer the catalogue of questions of the newspaper, where they talked about the relationship with Kovnatskogo Piskorski and ECAG, and the role both during the elections in Russia in 2012 and in the Alliance of European national movements. But members of the then pan-European Project of the nationalists confirms that Piskorski was playing a role. These include the former Chairman of the British national party Nick Griffin, who, like Kownacki called the Internet an “associate member” of the Alliance of nationalists AENM. Griffin was convicted in 1998 for incitement to racial hatred, and two years ago the newspaper “The Independent” quoted his words that “revival of Christianity” “is impossible without the elevation of the “Third Rome” of Moscow”. This paper, he first reported that he had nothing to say “the liberal capitalist press.” But then he sent e-mails in which he confirmed, “that Mr. Piskorski helped in 2012 in Poland AENM”. On the question of whether “introduced” to it then Piskorski future Secretary of state Bartosz Kovnatskogo the Alliance, Griffin wrote:” I remember the name of Bartosz, but honestly, I can’t remember the name.”

Kownacki not deny the connection

Kownacki he did not deny his connections with the club of the nationalists AENM, but a mediator he called not Piskorski, and died of the Polish national Catholic Bender Ryszard (Ryszard Bender). He also got into the field of view due to its proximity to Russia. During the Soviet occupation, he was Deputy Chairman of the “Polish Catholic Union”, Association of Catholic collaboration. Bender sat also in the Parliament, ruled by the Communists. There he argued that Warsaw needs to maintain friendship with the Soviet Union because of quarrels between poles and Russians in history has always only helped with the “Nazi” Germans.

All these connections Kovnatskogo cast a shadow on the defense Minister Mazarevica that after the publicity of the Pro-Russian activities and contacts his closest subordinates, it appears rather paradoxical personality. On the one hand, he has several years is someone like the high priest of so-called “Smolensk cult” in Poland — the movement that does not cease to say that the plane crash that killed President of Poland and twin brother Jaroslaw Kaczynski — Lech Kaczynski (Lech Kaczynski), was not an accident, but a result of the activities of the Russian special services. The Polish Prosecutor’s office found that no evidence says about the accident, but Macarevich persistently told that it was a Russian terrorist attack using a “thermobaric bomb”, that is, the explosive device, which can be as powerful as a small atomic bomb. If this merciless critic of the alleged conspiracy in Moscow surrounded by advisers with Russian contacts, on the one hand, it would be unexpected. On the other hand, it is possible that anti-European line of the Polish government, which includes Macarevich, more just plays into the hands of Vladimir Putin.