Blockade of Donbass strike on militants or policy

Veterans of the volunteer battalions “Aidar” and “Donbass” announced the beginning of the economic blockade of the occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine. It all began with a rigid ultimatum that put the militants on December 16 the veterans dobrobatov: if for seven days, all Ukrainian prisoners will not be released or will not be their exchange, will begin “a total blockade of the occupied territories”. Seven days have passed, and the demands of the military and has not been implemented. “Veterans begin operations by the blockade of trade with the occupied territories where you make millions as the leaders of the so-called DPR and LPR, and “Ukrainian” oligarchs and officials”, — noted ex-the battalion commander “Donbass” semen Semenchenko.

“The SBU will understand”

As it technically will be trade embargo, told the “Apostrophe” is one of the coordinators of the action ex-the chief of staff of the battalion “Aydar” Valentine Liholaja.

“We will have mobile positions and pickup group. Mobile posts will be on those roads where there are “fat” threads, they will stop and check vehicles and mobile group will be to intercept those who dare to drive around the main roads and paths. As for railroads, we have the same two branches: Lugansk and Donetsk. There will also be work from our activists,” — said Valentin Liholaja.

“We’ve received information from various sources, including the railway administration, whether the freight. And then we will act according to circumstances”, — added the “Apostrophe” another coordinator of the campaign, the second commander of the battalion “Donbass” Anatoly Vinogrodsky.

In addition, on the Maidan in Kiev activists blockade even launched his tent headquarters, which is called “the headquarters of the blockade of trade with terrorists.” It is reported that there any day you can come to Kiev to support the action.

However, according to the Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories George tuks, with none of the security forces (security service, interior Ministry, APU), the blockade did not coordinate their actions.

“Therefore, the installation of any posts, for any tests, provide any “solutions” are illegal and must be appropriately assessed by law enforcement officers. The intention to “starve” (as Valentine said Liholaja) in the presence of over 400 km uncontrolled state border is outright nonsense,” said Tuck.

“I do not care what says Mr. Tooke, — retorted Vinogrodsky. — We will stand until, until our demand for the release of the hostages.”

To the question: “Apostrophe”, what will the activists, if you meet the opposition of the security forces, the second commander of the “Donbass” said, “So let’s deal with the interior Ministry and SBU. Adviser to the head of the SBU already caught in a lie, saying that the entire flow of goods from Eastern Ukraine terminated. It’s a lie.”

Valentin Liholaja less emotional assessment of the situation. “When we leave here, we will report to the civil and military administration of Donetsk and Lugansk regions that we will leave it for the blockade, that is, we act within the laws of Ukraine”, — summed up Liholaja.

It is not so simple

However, political scientist Ruslan Bortnik sure to hit the wallet of the leaders of the terrorists in 2016, these methods will not work.

“The situation in 2014 was different. The uncontrolled territory has depended on Ukraine in the financial, food, energy and economic plans. Today all these areas are already fully controlled by Russia, so the blockade will not lead, except that we will not be able to coal, and in uncontrolled territories will have problems with light, water once again allow to accuse Ukraine of violating the humanitarian aspects. According to the law these areas and so blocked,” — said Bortnik.

At the same time, the expert notes that the commercial isolation of the occupied Donbas may well be a political act, the aim of which is to create problems for the Ukrainian authorities.

“After all, we buy coal from uncontrolled territories millions of tons, and to lose that coal means to provoke the risks of an energy crisis in Ukraine. For it who will answer? It is obvious that the President,” — said the analyst.

According to Bortnik, the action may be involved, for example, “popular front”, because for 10 days before the announcement dobrobatov about the beginning of the blockade the Secretary of the national security Council and one of the leaders of “veterans,” Alexander Turchinov stated that only “complete isolation of the occupied territory is much closer to the timing of its release.” Today, however, Turchynov said, saying the blockade will take place, if it approves Poroshenko.

According to the analyst of the “Donetsk Institute of information” Vitaly Sizov, if the trading gate between the occupied territory and the rest of Ukraine will be closed hermetically, then the chances of the return of the lost part of the Donbass.

“Official economic ties with uncontrolled territory are saved only through the railroad. This allows you to save the process chain, involving companies from different regions of Ukraine, not only Donbass. Breaking these ties will hurt not only the economy of uncontrolled territories, but also to the Ukrainian economy. For example, coal can mine on the uncontrolled territory, but to enrich controlled, then back to send to do metal, and metal to send to Mariupol and to export. The money will go to the Ukrainian budget. All those enterprises which are carrying out economic activity, registered on the territory, and we cannot say that it has some illegal immigrants.

Of course, it is naive to assume that between some companies and so-called “administrations,” who controls Russia, no connections. Perhaps someone conducts double-entry bookkeeping and pay to the budget of Ukraine and uncontrolled territories. But if we talk about reintegration, and we have on every corner talking about it, to break off economic relations it is impractical. Now these relations still remain at the level of large business and small and medium switched to Belarus and Russia. It turns out that these people were involved in another country’s economy by enriching it”, — told the “Apostrophe” Vitaly Sizov.