Biden received the necessary number of votes for nomination as a candidate for U.S. President

In some U.S. States held primary elections

Former Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden has enlisted a sufficient number of votes of the delegates to the upcoming Democratic Convention for the nomination of a candidate for the presidential election in November. Such estimates were provided to the Associated Press and The New York Times.

As they note, the results of primary elections held Tuesday in several us States, have now Biden’s 1993 voice. To become a candidate on the first ballot at the Convention, the applicant should seek support from the 1991 delegate. The handling of ballots after voting on Tuesday (June 2) in some States was only completed on Friday (June 5). On its results the distribution of votes of the delegates.

After exiting the race Democrats Senator Bernie Sanders 8 APR Biden, in fact, no longer rivals in the struggle for nomination as a presidential candidate. However, the need for this number of the votes of delegates it still was not.

Sanders supported Biden

National Convention of the US Democratic party, which Biden needs to call the candidate for the highest office in the country was delayed because of the pandemic on 17-20 August. It will be held in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

In the US, Biden is looking for a candidate for Vice-President

The current U.S. leader Donald trump has already received a sufficient number of votes of the delegates to the party Congress for the nomination of the Republican candidate in the presidential election.

59th U.S. presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

According to recent polls, Biden is confidently ahead of trump’s popularity rating.