The Governor of California ordered to stop training police officers naked choke techniques

Demonstrators have the right to peacefully protest

The Governor of California Gavin Newsom ordered to stop training police officers suffocating captures after killing of black cops. This was stated by the Associated Press.

“We train police suffocating techniques, which endanger human life”, — he said. In his opinion, such methods have no place in the Arsenal of police in the 21st century. Newsom ordered the Commission to develop standards and training police officers removed from their training programs on the application of this capture, which can lead to death of detainees.

He intends to seek the adoption of laws governing the conduct and use of force by police during mass protests. “Demonstrators have the right to peacefully protest without fear that delay will apply tear gas or rubber bullets. It is necessary to standardize the approach to regulation of the protests,” – said the Governor.

Recall that in many States, there are mass protests and riots after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd. Police used during his arrest on may 25, hard choke. A day later, all four involved in the arrest of police officers were dismissed, they charged. In the riot gear to local law enforcement agencies often connects national guard, about 40 cities have imposed a curfew.