The sun and nothing more: how he began his work Trifunovska SES

Bathed in the bright September sun, the slender ranks of solar panels, changing the color from grey to deep purple, called to mind the word “brevity”. From some viewpoints it seems that rectangular man-made lake, the water is “splashing” photons and electrons. The correspondent of “Today” went on the official opening Trifunovski solar power plant, the first SES DTEK RES, built in record time, five months and producing at maximum 10 megawatts of “green energy.”

Conciseness is felt at the station everywhere is an innovative high-tech facility. Smooth lines, gravel paths, under which hides agrotextile — not to hurt the ground. Neat rows panel tables. Over and over, hiding all of the functional equipment, eight substations collect power, one of the Central substation, and administrative complex. And solar tree, two sheets of panels which is enough to charge your gadgets and light up the area.

Facts and figures

Trifunovska solar power plant is 37 thousand panels production of the Chinese JA Solar, which is among the top manufacturers of such equipment according to the Bloomberg ranking.

“This panel is one of the most technologically advanced facilities on the station, says station Director Ivan Lyakh. — Its Assembly is carried out in a fully automatic mode. The panel contains the material of the semiconductor, in our case polycrystalline silicon. It allows you to obtain the necessary for the occurrence of the photoelectric effect and the properties of the contact layers. When the panel lighting circuit generates a constant current which is transmitted to stringify inverter. The items were delivered by the manufacturer to the port of Odessa in 45 containers, and then a few days to get here. A panel is generating part. Strigulae inverters — a circulatory system in which the panel generated DC current to AC transformirovalsya. Further, the generated electricity goes to the substation collection capacity, we have eight and then CPCM (Central substation-gathering power. — Ed.) which includes a point of internal accounting. With CPSM line of 10 kilovolts of electricity transmitted to the grid”.

By the way, on foreign stations only panels and inverters, all other equipment is from the aluminum construction to the substations collect power and software is made in Ukraine. Capital investment in the construction of the plant amounted to 8.1 million euros. For the first month the work of SES released 1.2 million Kilowatt-hours of electricity a year plan to give 11-12 million KW-hours. This will be enough for a third velikoaleksandrovsky district or four thousand households.

Technique. Snowthrower and tractor-lawnmower

Brain and analysis

If the inverter is the circulatory system of the station, the ABK (administrative complex) is her brain — system control and monitoring. Process control occurs from a single terminal, which is next to the server Cabinet.

“We believe today’s generation, time of day, and the station produces 7.62 megawatts of power, says the chief mechanic Batievsky wind farm Denis Eroshenko, which oversees implementation of SES in accordance with the standards of DTEK. — And here we expect savings from the carbon dioxide that would be emitted by conventional generation. That is, when the same generation of the other station — polluting — toss today 37 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Here he leads a finger on the diagram on the monitor — the right side shows our active power. All parameters are measured and passed to the dispatcher in real time. We control all parameters of the station, inverters, infrastructure, the mnemonic shows the solar tables, the load for each string”.


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On the same monitor displays data from the meteorological station located in the administrative building. Temperature — see heating equipment; winds — to understand how moving air masses, clouds, and insolation is to compare its level with the generation station and see the problems in the generating equipment and infrastructure, if any.

The smart system. Controls the whole station

The station employs nine people — five engineers, electricians, chief power engineer, a specialist in occupational health and head.

Immediately after ABK — local technique. Manual snowthrower. The apparatus for water treatment to wash the panels. The barrel on the trailer, is filled in already purified (99.9%) and deionized water (deionization allows you to push away from the surface of the panels dust, so they remained clean). And local pride — Ryder (garden tractor), lawn mower which grinds the grass into fine, fine dust, almost in the compost, so you can not take it, and leave in place.

Society and the future

Trifunovska SES became the first project in the field of solar energy
— and, simultaneously, the first project in Kherson region.

“We believe this project is a success, — said Ivan Lyakh. — From idea to implementation in less than a year. We as a reliable investor, we take the responsibility to develop socio-economic infrastructure of the territory in which we operate”.

To reinforce this, the company and the management Velikoaleksandrovsky district signed a Memorandum in which the company invests in the development of rural infrastructure Trifonova 400 thousand UAH, which will go towards the overhaul of the water.

“One of the priorities is cooperation with investors who are going to develop solar energy in the Kherson region”, — said the Deputy head of Kherson regional state administration Eugene Rasuk.

“Both Europe and the whole world is moving to alternative energy, — said the Director of the Department for substitution of traditional fuels Gosenergoeffektivnosti Yuriy Shafarenko. — DTEK — is an important indicator which shows that this direction of investment and the payback is significant for other investors.”

Tree. Charges your gadgets and lights up the area near the administrative building