Credit scams have dissolved rough activity in Ukraine

Active development in Ukraine online lending increasingly drew the attention of fraudsters. As if not defended financial services company, rolled out its credit services to the lovers to borrow money on the Internet, criminals are able to leave creditors out in the cold, writes UBR.

“In recent years, frequent cases of fraud by former employees of banks and credit card services that possess information about specific vulnerabilities,” — said the Director of the Department of risk management CashUp Taras Kuzma.

Crooks take loans so that they are not to return to creditors. Often they do it, no matter how trying the Finance company to check their Internet borrowers in the distance. Lenders check a dossier of new clients to the credit Bureau, improving their scoring models and risk assessment techniques. Nevertheless, financial institutions lose money.

Experts claim that the analysis of the borrower while granting funds to new people is far from perfect, even when financiers have resorted to large-scale collection of information about a person from credit Bureau to social networking.

“Openness of information, ability to check in Bureau of credit histories and access to social networks reduces the risks. Although it is necessary to have professional and honest officers who learn of borrowers. Still need to motivate staff from the final result. The social network is secondary, but if the page was newly created, there is no information about the work and the private life of a potential recipient of funds — it is dangerous. The office has recently helped us to weed out the borrower, which 6 years by an IT company, but as individuals since 2008 does not extinguish 70 thousand euros. Refused,” said CEO MO Cash Svetlana Skosyrskaya.

How to check

Creditors together with the technical consultants even compiled a list of ways that crooks use to get to the online Finance company and borrow money from her with the further return.

The most common were six techniques:

  • The use of false or stolen documents the most popular method of fraud. With him struggling with additional verification.
  • Registration of the credit for the figurehead (unemployed friends). In most financial companies have already learned how to fight, but the thieves do not cease their attempts and regularly “test” the pattern.
  • The use of the Internet and prepaid cards which are impersonal and attached only to the phone number (often the services block transactions on such cards).
  • Phishing of user data credit services: fraud fraud angling for the victims passwords and logins from their personal offices, and take loans under false names. Substitute loans deceived people.
  • Create fake web pages of the payment services and sites quick loans to collect personal data of users. The fraudsters thus gain access to user data and its finances.
  • In Uanet quite often (especially before major holidays) practiced creating fake web stores that offer products at bargain prices with the aim of collecting user data. Those who fell for such bait, take out loans or use their personal data for further manipulation.

    How to avoid becoming a victim

    If the fraudster manages to fool the Finance company, he usually steals from 1.5 thousand to 10 thousand UAH. In this range of loans online. Although each creditor their conditions.

    “The maximum amount the first loan to a new client that we provide 1.5 thousand UAH. For regular customers — up to 4 thousand UAH. Other companies may give up to 10 thousand UAH for regular customers. Such borrowers typically have good credit history and repay debt. The lender, in turn, assesses the borrower’s creditworthiness and determines the amount that the client can obtain, given the risks and the likelihood of repayment of the loan,” — said the Director of the TM CreditUP Ilya Fun.

    But if the crook manages to circle lending institution around your finger or the borrower, for various reasons, simply ceased to pay back their money is not easy. You have to bring the matter to the police and go to court.

    “The winning percentage of court cases close to 100%. Also, it should be remembered that for such fraud, the fraudsters respond with their property. In the event of litigation, amount of damages will be deducted from their wages,” — said Kuzma.

    To avoid becoming a victim of crooks, Ukrainians are advised to keep track of your documents: do not leave the passport and INN in a conspicuous place, and in their loss — immediately inform the appropriate authorities and make a report to the police. Also should closely monitor their debit and credit cards, to subsequently turn out to be “a debtor”, which will put under somebody’s credit.