Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): why the Ukraine will never be your Elon musk

Social networks are a riot of joyful messages that the guy from Zhitomir participated in the project Mask. It is a great pride for Ukraine. Well, by God, fools. It is as proud of what Igor Sikorsky was once a resident of Kiev, and then in the US have achieved extraordinary success. But “dream” still takes off from Gostomel. And thank God that without consequences.

Fools do not understand that Ukraine has no relation to the success of the guy from Zhitomir. On the contrary, man from Zhitomir was in the team Mask, because in Ukraine Elon musk would be stripped as a Church mouse (although, as we know, in the state mouse recently pozhirovali on 800миллионов hryvnia).

In our society, Elon Musk would call a well-deserved contempt, because their existence would be a challenge, consistently proving that they are sheep who worshiped different “authorities”. And the strength of these authorities is that decade after decade, children with iPhones in schools will drive to the head kolomyikas (short folk songs, sung in Western Ukraine under the music and dance — approx. ed.) as a criterion of education (along with some stories of losers like Chipko and other idiots of the classic of Ukrainian literature), than to allow the lessons to Express their thoughts, not a paraphrase of kondovo reviews devilmatic “Mitsu” (figures — approx. ed.) of the Ministry of education.

Elon Musk is a “can”, “may”, “be”. Ukrainian society is “seem”, “impossible”, “impossible”, “we don’t need”, “Europe”, “the IMF said.” In short, morons without imagination, the craving for experimentation and risk. Because Musk has made a rocket and a company with a market capitalization of tens of billions of dollars, and Ukrainian CB “South” sells drawings of Soviet missiles for 300 thousand dollars to the Germans.

And the guy from Zhitomir can only laugh at the people who don’t even understand why they should be jealous.

Yuri Romanenko, Director of political programs of the Ukrainian Institute for the future