The TV channel “Ukraine 24” launches socially-political current-show “Ukraine tomorrow”


The TV channel “Ukraine 24” launches socially-political current-show “Ukraine tomorrow”

Today, 19:29

The program will be aired on Fridays at 21:00

Inna Petrova

the partition editor showbiz/Style

The TV channel “Ukraine 24” starts a new socio-political talk show “Ukraine tomorrow”. The first broadcast will be held today, may 5, at 21:00. In the framework of the project, the audience will talk about the most recent and relevant news happening in our country and the world. The program will come out every Friday.

“In the world of every day events occur that radically change our living conditions. In order to understand in today’s difficult situation, and to be able to distinguish real news from the misinformation, “Ukraine 24” launches a local program “Ukraine tomorrow”, — says the chief editor of “News Groups Ukraine” Yuriy Sugak.

Leading the program will be to analyze in detail what happens in Ukraine actually, and will simulate how a particular situation will affect each of us in the future. “This is not only a professional review of the events, but the forecast for the country”, – says Yuri Sugak.

“Ukraine tomorrow” — a talk show in which the TV channel “Ukraine 24” not only sums up the week, but makes a prediction, analyzing the top news and major themes, tracks the development of the most resonant events. Each question is considered from the standpoint of the different views that the viewer can make their own picture of everything that happened last week.

Every Friday the presenters will be invited to the Studio of the first persons of the state and the people, whose decisions affect the life of every Ukrainian, and whose opinion has great authority in society. Leading TV channel “Ukraine 24” will lead the program inclusions from three different studios.

Already in the first broadcast , viewers will see Centile Alena and Alexey Burlakov, Mary Skiba and Andrew bulgarova. Also for discussion will be joined by Oleg Biletsky, along with Violetta Lagunovoi.

Socio-political program “Ukraine tomorrow” will have some special sections and formats: a discussion in the Studio, exclusive interviews, live broadcasts from the event, answers to questions from the audience. Dynamic, acute, objectively — the only way there will be a dialog in the program “Ukraine tomorrow”.

Don’t miss the premiere socio-political current-show “Ukraine tomorrow” is already today at 21:00 on information TV channel “Ukraine 24”!

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