La Vanguardia (Spain): enter the test mode isolation, while Russian tourists are staying home

In Soviet times, for most citizens the resorts of Sochi and other cities of the black sea coast and the Crimea, were virtually the only option the rest of the sea. In times of coronavirus is a subtropical coast will once again become almost the only option to go to the sea this summer. While Moscow and other regions implementing measures to lift the isolation regime, the majority of Russians understand that this year is better to stay home.

The authorities absolutely do not have to urge for calm those who are eager to visit Turkey is the major tourist destination in Russia. Spain first and foremost, Catalonia will also be without Russian tourists. In 2019, the country received some 1.5 million tourists from Russia and has recovered from the decline that was observed in recent years. This year only 4% of Russians are planning to go on a vacation abroad.

After two months of isolation from the first of June the Moscow authorities, the epicenter of the pandemic in Russia, begin to remove the restrictive measures. 12 million Moscow inhabitants, except those who are sick with coronavirus, or influenza, is allowed to go out from 9 to 21 hours, three times a week in accordance with the “schedule of walks” established for each residential building. In addition, such enterprises petty trading as dry cleaning, repair shops, and weekend markets. Hairdresser, museums, bars and restaurants are still open.

Mask mode

In Moscow since June, the open enterprise small trade and allowed to walk on schedule

Such minor actions were made possible due to the fact that the number of cases over the past month was halved. “The peak of the epidemic of coronavirus in Moscow has passed”, — said Sergey Sobyanin. The mayor of the capital — a prominent figure in the fight against the virus, he leads the most populous region in the country and heads a working group of the state Council of the Russian Federation on countering the spread of coronavirus. According to official data, the number of deaths in Russia per day from mers still remains high due to the large number of patients with a severe form of the disease. This Sunday it was 138 deaths resulted across the country from the coronavirus died 4693 person.

The most afraid of re-emergence of the disease. That’s why the authorities continue to prohibit public gatherings and especially not allow the Russians to travel abroad as tourists. Now scheduled flights exclusively for those Russians who, because of a pandemic are trapped abroad. “The resumption of bilateral international tourism: on the one hand, we have foreign partners, who say “come.” But on the other hand, there is the Russian border which is still closed. Until September, we can hardly expect its opening,” said Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze.

Last week the Prime Minister-the Minister of Russia Michael Mishustin has urged compatriots to refrain from trips abroad. The head of government, and 405 842 of Russians who contracted the coronavirus. Mikhail Mishustin said that a few days of rest you can pay too high a price. An alternative could be the resorts in Russia, which are now beginning to open doors for the rest.

The most famous Spa town in Russia — Sochi. On Friday, mayor Alex Kopaigorodsky announced that eighty-resorts is ready to open. However, according to VTSIOM, only 11% of Russians are planning a vacation in another Russian city. This year the holiday will be different. At the moment the authorities want to limit the movement of the Russians. Therefore, according to the mayor, the hotels and sanatoriums of Sochi will be required to arrange transfers for their guests from the station or from the airport, so security would be guaranteed both for tourists and for residents. In addition, tourists must present a certificate that doesn’t have coronavirus.

On the seafront

Sochi opens the season, and in the Crimea, 15 Jun hotels and motels will accept only the inhabitants of this region

The resort city of Sochi, as he is know today, began to develop after the civil war through the nationalization of the houses and mansions, which later became a spas and fitness centers. In Soviet times every year in Sochi, rest four million tourists, including the country’s top leadership, for example, Stalin himself was here giving. In recent years, more tourists resting in Sochi, about 6.5 million people.

Less prepared for an influx of tourists, the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, which after the annexation are part of the 85 Russian regions. In Crimea, have developed a three-phase plan, however, to “start cautiously, in stages, to prevent the deterioration of the epidemiological situation” — said on Saturday the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Vadim Volchenko. The implementation plan will begin June 15, but first the motels and hotels will be open only to residents of the Crimea.

According to the aforementioned poll, 31% of Russians will spend their vacation at the cottage. Only 4% plan to vacation abroad. However, the majority, 61%, believes that because of the pandemic and the worsening economic situation this year is better to stay home and abandon of summer vacation.