Weekends in Ukraine: how the holidays affect the economy of the country

Ukrainians have a rest more than the Chinese and the Americans, but less than the French. According to experts, the number of output in a year affects the economy of a state, but for several reasons this is not the case in Ukraine. “Today,” found out how many “walk” the Ukrainians, as it affects the economy and what will be if to cancel three of the national holiday – March 8, 1 and 9 may.

Ukrainians have a rest no more and no less

In Ukraine this year – 11 public holidays 105 weekends, plus every Ukrainian has a compulsory leave of 24 days. In total, the country has 140 days is 38% days of the year. According to the ex-adviser of Minister of economic development Aniki Measure, this is a problem for the entire economy.

“In Ukraine there are such phenomenal – permanent weekend, and then wonder why the economy is not growing. Special absurd – the transfer of jobs and output. If the holiday fell on a weekend, it should be noted the additional output. Maybe we are a world leader in the efficiency of labor? Or emerge the leaders in terms of GDP, so can afford it? Though and real world leaders can’t afford regular holidays,” wrote Jaanika Merilo during the Christmas holidays in Facebook.

However, the length of annual holidays in Ukraine among all the countries average. For example, if the French and Finns leave is 30 days, in China only five. Ukrainians have a rest not much and not enough, said the Director of the Department of social policy of the Federation of employers of Ukraine Yuriy Body. This is the average in Europe, but more than in Asia.

“Compared to other countries the number of output in Ukraine is not big and not small. Somewhere weekend – 14, somewhere- nine. If we cancel a few weekends, they are on the economy will not affect. More important working conditions, technical equipment of production,” he says.

This year the number of public holidays in Ukraine may be reduced from 11 to nine days. Ukrainian Institute of national memory proposes to abolish the public holidays on March 8, 1 and 9 may. Instead, the weekend offer to make the Day of Taras Shevchenko, March 9.

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The impact of output on the economy

The number of output affects the economy of the countries where the labor code is strictly enforced. In Ukraine, this principle does not work, says President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko. The reasons for this large share of shadow economy and illegal employment. According to the Ministry of economic development, in 2016 the level of shadow economy in the country amounted to 35% of GDP.

“We have half of the entrepreneurs work “in the shadows” and the majority of workers have not been officially formalised. We can only imagine what our productivity. From my point of view, the Ukrainians are working more than in Europe. A process, work on the weekends, but the enterprises that do not “see”. In Ukraine the labour code does not work. If private entrepreneurs for the processing, even for an hour definitely paid, then we could talk a little or a lot, rest Ukrainians, but it is not fixed,” he says.

So, every fourth Ukrainian does not use the lunch break, 18% work on the weekends and only every tenth day off pay or give time off, the study said rabota.ua.

That is, if in Ukraine to remove a few public holidays it will change little, said Yuri Body. But if you make working a Saturday, you can raise GDP by 0.5%. But Ukraine is unlikely to increase the working week.

“In the measurement countries – a lot of money. This specific budget item. If adding one working day will lead to increase in GDP, we can assume that it is a factor of economic growth”, – predicts the Body.

Much more than the abolition of government output, productivity of the working day is affected by the level of technical equipment of the workplace. Replace 10 workers of one machine significantly increases productivity.

“In Ukraine, the employers to increase productivity, instead of to introduce new technologies, hire more employees,” – says Yuri Body.

Developed countries do the opposite – increase productivity through technology and automation of labor. This allowed to reduce the working day. In Western Europe the working week averages 35 hours. For example, in Ireland and France to work for seven hours. In Ukraine, outdated technology and reduction in working hours will only lead to losses. If you reduce the working week to 35 hours, in year will be 249 working hours is 31 days .

“We are on the third and fourth redistribution, and developed economies on the sixth information. We do not produce complex technology. While we are underdeveloped countries, productivity in a country will not increase“, – said Body.

 Productivity is influenced hospital

The problem is not with the public holidays, and their uneven distribution in a year. For the first half of the year has nine public holidays, on the second two: Independence Day and the Day of defender of Ukraine.

“It affects the pace of work, take people out of the operating mode. Especially the loss-Jan. If a weekend during the year was distributed more evenly, it would benefit. Another problem with the transfer on Monday gosudarstvennogo output, if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday. It is also a factor in reducing productivity,” says Yuri Body.

At the Ukrainian Institute of memory are already preparing a draft law on the abolition of the weekend on Monday, if the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Another problem is the hospitalthat can not be controlled, he said. “The first five days, the company loses, paying the hospital, if he was bought, and this is not isolated cases. The employer may not verify the authenticity of a hospital – if one is ill or sick bought for 100 hryvnias”, – it adds Body.

Cancel multiple output will not affect the Ukrainian economy, while businesses will increase productivity by the number of workers and produce raw materials.