TeleTrade – a perfect sign of quality

In today’s world of Internet and communication, there was a huge variety of sectors and areas for investment. Some, traditional, significantly modified. Trade in the financial markets, which for over two hundred years, was no exception. In order to receive the income from shares does not have to be a dollar millionaire and to have friends in wall Street. With the advent of Internet trading to invest in shares of foreign companies or in foreign currencies became possible for anyone with even very modest means. The leader of the service provision in this area is considered to be Impossible. This company has over two decades holds the first place among Forex brokers and broker-cfd. Feedback about Teletrade clearly prove the superiority of the company and inspire its leadership to develop and become even better. Customer focus – the main feature of the brand.

Where to start with this Broker?

Recommend that your first encounter with a broker to start with visiting the office of the company. Unlike other firms in this business, the Teletrade company has a partner in virtually all major cities that any Ukrainian could come to the office to see the serious approach and professionalism of the staff. During the open introductory lectures are given detailed information about what and how to use the Teletrade-Teletrade calendar-Analytics and also the importance for a successful trading have news from Teletrade.

Seminars in Teletreyd, reviews of workers, economic calendar Teletrade, Analytics from the leading experts and specific strategies allow a short time to move from theory to practice.

Constant seminars from Teletrade reviews, employees and the attitude of the people in the office show how much the brand cares about its own authority and strives to do the best for customers. Economic calendar Teletrade, Analytics from the world’s leading finexpert and special workshops are intended to allow even newbies yesterday in a short time to move from theory to practice.

Currently Teletrade is:

Started its activity:

1994 the Foundation of the brand and first office

The presence of

more than 2 hundred branches in thirty States

Licenses, permits, monitoring

Cysec European, British Financial_Conduct_Authority, the Ukrainian ASSOCIATION, the national Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the Association of kroufr forex dealers

The dealing platform


Investment tools

Forex, CFD, Indices, Metals, oil, futures

Broker’s leverage

1:100 and above

Minimum account

from $2000

The legal register.

Europe (Cyprus), China (Hong Kong), United Arab Emirates (Fujaira), Saint Vincent, Russia, Belarus


Ol. Odingo, A. W. Kwan

Awards, prizes, certificates of the company

“Premiumt foreign exchange Service Brok. EU 2015” – Glob. Banking & Finance Review, “Broker of the Year-14” from the foreign exchange E. X. P. O Awards, “Best Trade-Educ. Provider EU-14” from IFinanceMag.

Whether or not to trust the Forex broker Teletrade?

To decide for themselves whether or not to start cooperation with Teletrade, the official website of the company provides beginners with all the necessary information about the activities of Teletrade. Jobs will primarily interest those who do not like gray and boring life. Income traders allow you to live the kind of life that most can only see through the TV screens.

Summarizing all the above, I want to stress again that this Broker is a stable, long-term and trusted broker. It provides access and support to the sites of raw materials and precious metals, bonds, stocks and currency pairs.

Anti-crisis stability

This broker has a complete list of the minimum necessary licenses for realization of activity and operates exclusively in the legal field of EU legislation and other countries. You probably had a chance to listen to different stories about dishonest brokers, robbing their employees and hastily deducing assets offshore? This danger arises in the case of cooperation with companies with a questionable reputation. The financial crisis is forcing some brokers to violate the law, but the Broker is not concerned. Even in the most adverse periods, the company has not stopped payment and has not imposed a limit on withdrawals.

The crisis in 2013 led to the bankruptcy of many banks and insurance agencies in Nicosia. Despite the fact that part of the assets of the company were in the accounts of these banks, on the intensity of payments in Teletrade this event will not be affected. Business reputation of a trusted partner has always been a priority for TeleTrade. Feedback from employees and customers is the best proof. Economic crisis feel the strength of many companies is not the first time. In the seventh and thirteenth years of the bankruptcy procedure began banks in which were opened the company account, but in spite of this, the assets of the clients have been reimbursed in full.

How does the broker?

The main obstacle to the beginning of a successful work is the lack of information. Therefore, it is important to understand that this Broker and how it works. Teletrade is a group of companies providing brokerage services in the developed world. Several hundred offices provide permanent access to the exchange. Easily and in the shortest possible time to enter in helps detailed information about the conditions and rules of cooperation with Teletrade. The company’s official website is located at:

User-friendly functionality allows you to quickly find the desired information in the following categories:

∙ For traders who use fundamental analysis economic calendar Teletrade;

∙ investors medium to long term be sure to read the section Teletrade Analytics;

∙ People who are interested in intraday trading, keep a finger on the pulse with Teletrade-news;

∙ people who want to work in an international company, looking for prospects for themselves in this broker jobs.

∙ for those who are still undecided and in doubt, you created the category of “Teletrade reviews of employees and customers.”

The employees of the company supports an extensive network of partner offices. Their main task is the support and customer service TeleTrade. Vacancies for the post of managers on work with clients usually enough, as the brand is actively expanding its network of partner branches. Central headquarters TeleTrade reviews, which you can find on the Internet, located on the territory of Cyprus.

To obtain a license permit to conduct brokerage activities is not so easy. European legislation requires the presence of the authorised capital in the amount of not less than $ 10 million the size of the insurance Fund should be 30% of that amount. In addition, the banking structure, in which the account is opened, the company must place at least $1 million Other major TeleTrade offices are located in Hong Kong, Saint-Vincent, Russia and the UAE. Soon it is planned to complete registration in Australia and the opening of new offices Teletrade. Jobs in the near future will be back in abundance.

At the offices of the brand employs experienced analysts Teletrade. News from around the financial world, securities, resources, precious metals, as well as an economic calendar Broker allow you to easily and quickly navigate to the market after the development of basic skills. The main source of the company’s profit – the difference between Bid (the purchase price) and Ask (sale price), which usually varies from 2 to 3 points. The best proof of the effectiveness of the company’s material well-being and achievements of our employees Teletrade. The calendar allows you to focus on the most important events that will affect the behavior of market participants. The reviews about this Broker indicate that the company has developed an efficient algorithm of forming a tape stock Ticker.

TeleTrade. Jobs and training

The flawless performance of the company for two decades was a great confirmation of the reliability of teletrade. Jobs offered by the broker for everyone, allow you to enter a team of traders and in a short time to undergo the basic training work on the exchange. Teletrade does not deceive his employees, promising in a short time earn lot of money. Only hard work and patience can bring success, which is confirmed by reviews about this Broker. Training of new employees is primarily conducted in small classes with a small number of people. During this time, newcomers get all the information about the working principles of the market, Fundamental&technical analysis, trading psychology and the specifics of trading with this Broker. Calendar of classes for 50 days. First steps first-timers make under the supervision of an experienced mentor, who monitors the process of developing new skills through Teletrade. The staff who came to success thanks to a training scheme, are a testimony to the effectiveness of the techniques.

Video on this topic You can see here:

The trading terminal MetaTrader, which allows you to open a trading operation was developed by TeleTrade. Feedback from staff about the operation of the display indicate the involvement of significant financial and intellectual resources in the development process. In addition, the company has become a pioneer in the field of telephone dealing.

The company contributes to the protection of needy layers of the population, allocating funds to charity. High professionalism of the management of the brand and the material growth of customers – a great proof of the reliability of TeleTrade. Employee reviews show that forex broker has no plans to slow down the acceleration and is ready to continue to conquer the world.

To start, you first need to visit the website of the company, to obtain information about the rules of vzaimodeistvie and cooperation with Teletrade.