American twice in one day won the lottery

A resident of the U.S. state of South Carolina has twice won in the lottery Palmetto Cash 5 in one day. He got 100 thousand dollars for one ticket and $ 200 thousand — on the other, reports UPI.

Male more than 10 years and regularly buy lottery tickets and check different strategies and signs, ostensibly increasing the probability of victory. On January 30, the player drove into the city of Darlington, South Carolina, and in different stores, the two bought a ticket Palmetto Cash 5. He noted in them the same number and paid for the doubling of winning one of the tickets.

A few days later the man found out that guessed all five numbers. According to the rules of the lottery, it relies 100 thousand dollars. The ticket for which was paid double the winnings, he earned 200 thousand dollars. Thus, the total winnings amounted to 300 thousand dollars.

American said the money will allow him to prepay the mortgage and get out of debt. He has no plans to give up their hobby and will continue to buy lottery tickets.

Earlier it was reported that Brussels who have won the lottery more than six million euros, did not manage to collect the money.