Nuclear conditions trump for Russia: deal or absurd

The US President-elect Donald trump has declared its readiness to discuss with Russia sanctions, if Moscow will reduce nuclear arsenals.

In the Kremlin’s cold greeted these words, once again stressing that sanctions are not on their agenda and reminded that Russia is not introduced them and discuss this issue “in the course of foreign contacts does not intend”.

But later Russia stated that it was always ready to consider reductions of nuclear weapons, but only proportional.

Sanctions against Russia are in no way connected with nuclear disarmament, there, or trump still not versed in international contracts, or brewing some kind of deal.

Корреспондент.net decided to find out what they are talking about trump and the Kremlin.

The agreement between Russia and the United States

The start-III Treaty on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms was signed by presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama on 8 April 2010 in Prague. It entered into force on 5 February 2011.

The term of the agreement is 10 years, it may be extended by agreement of the parties for another five years.

The agreement provides for limiting deployed delivery vehicles to 700 each side, and up to 1,550 nuclear warheads on them. The parties have the right to independently determine the structure of their strategic nuclear forces if they do not exceed common limitations.

How many nuclear weapons

As in Moscow and Washington enough nuclear missiles to more than once to destroy each other. The total nuclear Arsenal of Russia and the United States is more than 90 percent of all nuclear warheads in the world.

As of September 2016, the United States had 1 367 thousand strategic nuclear warheads which are deployed in silos, on submarines and at air bases where they can be loaded on bombers.

Russia by this time, there were 1 796 thousand nuclear warheads on Intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missile submarines, and heavy bombers.

On the flight of a rocket between Russia and the US, it takes 25 to 30 minutes. Missiles launched from submarines, due to the ability of submarines to covertly approach the target can reach it in 12 minutes.

How tied sanctions and nuclear weapons

Trump during the election campaign said that he would consider lifting sanctions against Russia and the status of Crimea. He always said that Vladimir Putin really likes him and he wants to make friends with him.

The Kremlin was glad to such a promise, and in the state Duma met with champagne the victory of the trump. Russia also did not respond to the expulsion of the U.S. 35 Russian diplomats, though, as we know, the rule “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

The President elect also talked about plans to fight terrorists in Syria hand in hand with Russia.

But lately the rhetoric trump against Russia is changing, and the bilateral exchange of compliments already ended. He already said that his confidence in Putin may soon pass.

In an interview with the Times, he was critical of the Russian intervention in the Syrian conflict. Trump called these actions “very poor” because they have led to “dire humanitarian situation”.

At the end of last year, trump talked about the need to expand the U.S. nuclear Arsenal, he probably meant upgrade because, according to him, the Russian weapons are better.

He then stated that the lifting of sanctions against Russia can be achieved in exchange for an agreement to reduce nuclear weapons.

“There are sanctions against Russia — let’s see if we can make some good deals. For example, I think I’ll start with the fact that nuclear weapons should be very significantly reduced”.

According to him, could benefit both sides, but did not specify what kind of contracts can be discussed.

The euphoria passes?

After controversial statements about trump’s nuclear weapon Bloomberg spoke with four sources from the Kremlin are told about the concerns and the skepticism of senior management of the Russian Federation.

“Now the leadership clearly understands that the restoration of ties will not be easy,” — said in the Kremlin.

The Agency does not exclude that Russian officials may deliberately talk about the reduction in expectations from trump in the Kremlin, as Moscow suspected of organizing the attacks.

Impossible condition or the deal?

Russian expert on foreign relations Vladimir Frolov told Vedomosti that disarmament can be part of the “great deal” that allows the newspaper, surrounded by trump’s progress.

“Indeed, in the context of a large package of Russian-American agreements Crimean sanctions can be linked to the issue of reduction of nuclear Arsenal,” — said the expert, noting that to be just part of the package they can’t, because it needs to be aligned with the position of Ukraine.

Also, the publication cites the opinion of chief scientific officer of the Military Academy RVSN named after Peter the Great Basil the Armor who said that Russia to reduce the nuclear potential cannot.

“The Americans understand perfectly that Russia for the further reduction will not go, because I cut more than you need. Therefore, put forward such a condition” he said.

“Nezavisimaya Gazeta” quotes the Director of the Center for the study of the United States. Roosevelt at the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov And Yuri, who says that Moscow will not go for it.

“If we talk about the probability of exchange of the lifting of sanctions on the reduction of Russian arms, Moscow will not go for it. Nuclear security in Russia and economic sanctions are incommensurable things,” — said the expert.

Researcher, Centre for international and defence policy Queen’s University in Canada Maxim Starchak told the Russian service Bi-bi-si, funny that he considers the lifting of sanctions in response to the start of negotiations on reduction of nuclear weapons.

“The lifting of sanctions is somehow very small. There is no cancellation of deploying missile no, removing tactical nuclear weapons on the national territory”, — says the analyst.

An independent Russian expert in the field of security Victor Mizin said Bi-bi-si that it is impossible because Russia will sacrifice its national interests, if will reduce, because in this respect Moscow has “reached the bottom”.

“Previously this has been associated with some progress- well, it is clear that the Crimea Russia will not give up — but at least with the settlement in Eastern Ukraine, with the implementation of the Minsk agreements, a continuation of the channel process, and now he’s gone and linked with the reduction,” — said the expert.