Actual (Bulgaria): Russia appealed to the American dragon

On Saturday, 30 may, Space X launched the first private spacecraft Crew Dragon. Russia as a pioneer of the space age could not leave it unattended. The Federal space Agency congratulated NASA on the successful launch, and Sergei Krikalev, Executive Director of manned space programs, said that the space Agency could send Russian cosmonauts on the ship Elon musk. The idea is being discussed at the working level details of the negotiations have not been disclosed.

On the occasion of the successful launch of Crew Dragon, the US President wrote in his Twitter account a provocative post which the head of the press service of Roscosmos, Vladimir Ustimenko called “hysteria”. According to him, something happened that long ago should have happened. Ustimenko also noted that Russia is testing new missiles and plans to resume lunar program — “Be interesting!”.


Reader comments “Fakti”


And we still state of the gas station…

Buy Goran

The Americans changed the rules of the game. Space goes into private hands, and if the mastodons kind of Roscosmos will not change, they are doomed. For anyone scratching there’s some nonsense, let me explain: the contract on delivery of astronauts to the ISS with U.S. and Russian warships concluded, when the ISS is still under construction, and several Russian cosmonauts flying on the Shuttle. When the Americans turned this program, Russia in accordance with the terms of this Treaty drove Americans to the station. Now Russians are trying to reserve a seat on the American ships Elon musk and Boeing.


It is a fake!

Bacho Kiro

If Musk was not the US government, nothing would have happened. It is clear. And nothing wrong with that, players become more the monopoly of anything good.


Nonsense! The cowboys are so open, that only by 2020, repeated the experience of American and Russian astronauts of the 60-ies of the last century. Russian don’t care about them, they are only interested in possible new developments at the technical level, which I’m not. Won’t explain truths sorokodum!

Cream Bochko

The American dragon? American China. So correct.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

“Electrification plus Soviet power”.


When Russian oligarchs start to invest their own money in space rockets, equipment, etc.?

Chinese from Siberia

In Russia such will not be. Russia is not a state which will produce or develop. If you look at the top 20 of the richest Russians, you will see that they all have some resources, no one has been technology. Russia is similar to Arab countries. Pumps and sells. People like Elon musk, Larry page, bill gates, Steve jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, jeffy Bezos and Larry lane will not meet.

TransGalactic Murzilki

Have you seen Elon Musk in pure Russian performs “earth in a window”?


The Americans did what the Russians did 50 years ago.


Trump chloroquine gave the head. The last time he became quite inadequate.


Wasting money on unnecessary things now!

Election izmama Premier

Drop your cap, our partners have sent a rocket.


In short: Many people think that America is only now caught up with Russia for manned space flights. It is not in white modern vehicle, stylish suits with rubber boots and the touch screens on the control panel. We are talking about a different type vehicle and different type of missiles. In fact, Russia lags behind at least 40 years.

From posolstvo on FAS

Will see how we attach to their rockets sanitizer. NASA has already agreed with Mr. Propera.


Let me just remind you that SpaceX is involved 6 thousand people, and the Russian space Agency has 250 thousand! Check, if in doubt.

And that smees if Yes places whether

And that Roscosmos still exists at all? Over the past 20-30 years have not heard of one space news from Russia.

It’s another of a single specialist

You do not understand that Russia is a country where everything and mainly people? And those who measure everything in money, let’s see what is happening to US — “the number one”…


Comments readers of the magazine “the Diary”


They would wonder why the South African decided to go to the US and create space there and not in Russia? When you ask the wrong questions, get wrong answers.


Soon Russia will be cheaper to send astronauts to the taxi Mask…

EU defender

“Roscosmos said that does not rule out that Russian cosmonauts will use the spacecraft Crew Dragon” — well, fine, just cheaper. Only this means that Roscosmos will close.

Single pereputal

If trump and Rogozin will change the profiles of Twitter, it was noticed not at once.

One Hour

Much talk ahead of time, let these people successfully return to Earth. Even the Musk is still quite terse. Once the astronauts return to Earth, the project will analyze, and, probably, it will expand, extend and accelerate. If successful, the project will develop with lightning speed. View of a businessman in this respect, or rather of the opinion of the officials. NASA provided the power to run, but all technologies have a Mask.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

What business plan have a Mask, if NASA because of insufficient funds, will not use the services of SpaceX, how many of these private astronauts will find the Mask that they put millions to flight on the ISS? How many Tesla he will sell without subsidies.


Hello, “Atlanta”! Don’t be so angry, you are ridiculous! Those who are already “as many as 6 times landed on the moon,” has finally come out into orbit?! Feel like along with their idols took the stone from the soul?


The Americans went into orbit in 1961. Questions?


To test rockets, Roscosmos have somewhere to take the money. And if it’s somewhere in their own economy, the Prime Minister type mishustina and the Colonel of the anti-corruption service type Zakharchenko they will have to wait long.


The Russians on the ISS we speak English, and the Americans on the ISS perfectly fluent in Russian. Generally everyone who goes to the ISS, have excellent command of these two languages.


Trump wanted to emphasize that all this credit goes to NASA.