“Continent”: residential complex for those who want to enjoy life

Today, more and more people in the capital make a choice in favor of the housing located outside the city the construction and expansion of a communications network, allows you to move away from the center of business life, without losing mobility. Get all the advantages of living in a comfortable residential complex and avoid the typical big city problems you can, by purchasing an apartment in the residential complex “Continent”.

Life in the suburbs comfortable and devoid of the rush

We offer apartments in the suburbs — a residential complex “Continent” is built in the town of Bucha, at a distance of 12.5 km from Kiev. Small but has absolutely everything you need for comfortable life of the town — a great choice for those who are tired of the city hustle and want to forget the daily Parking quests, like a bad dream. In our new complex, we offer you to choose from 10 types of apartments from 37.5 m2 to 170 m2 in one of the 8 houses, connected together in a single space. Within this space you will find everything that needs to be in a residential complex: the squares and avenues, sports and playgrounds, a place for walking Pets and a variety of other landscaped areas. Beyond this space is Butch — clean, green, well-developed town, is one of the best in the Kiev region.

“A city within a city” — competent infrastructure

LCD “Continent” — one of the first residential complexes, designed as a “city within a city”: we have provided in advance and plan all of its own infrastructure, which may need as families with children and ambitious young professionals, and people who want to spend quiet years in comfort. Convenient location — residential complex is built between Bucha and Irpen will allow you to get at the disposal of the infrastructure of the city: parks and cafes, pharmacies and shops, professional services and service centres of two cities. And in that case, if you are interested in investing in a promising development, we offer excellent conditions for investment, guarantee success which is the impeccable reputation of the Builder — the company “Strakhovskyi Group”. We have prepared offers for everyone who is interested in building on any of its stages.

Residential complex for you and your family

LCD “Continent” incorporates the best innovative technology of modern construction. We offer our residents not just an apartment with excellent layout in a new building — we offer a fundamentally new approach to the comfort of the home. All new items, which you can read in specialized publications, embodied in the residential complex “Continent” on the scale of the whole complex! In addition, we successfully implemented even such details as the order of delivery of the finished houses at first have entered will not be disturbed by construction noise, and provide for the readiness of the individual elements of landscaping and infrastructure, to the owners of the apartments from the beginning to appreciate the high level of quality of life in the residential complex “Continent”.

It’s time to learn how to be comfort!

Buying an apartment in the residential complex “Continent”, you can be sure of making the right choice! Regardless of whether you want to invest in the future or buy yourself a long-awaited own apartment — you will receive much more than you expect. We offer you not just change the place of residence and to change the idea of what can be modern apartment. Comfortable accommodation with the technology of “smart home”, cozy parks and playgrounds, its own infrastructure and endless opportunities for its development: civilization is a Continent!

LC. From 31.05.2017 R. mandate No. 23-L vidana, DABU