La Vanguardia (Spain): eight errors, which can not get chicken wings

When we think about chicken wings, at once represent the average American. In the company of friends, he’s enjoying this dish by watching the most important sporting event of the year, super bowl Sunday, which, of course, is not without advertising. According to the report of the National poultry Council, while watching this sporting event, Americans eat 1.4 billion chicken wings.

In 1964 in Buffalo (new York) in a bar Teresa Bellissimo (Bellissimo Teresa) decided to season, fry and serve with hot sauce wings, which are almost not used, as they have little meat and it was not much diversity in their preparation. Here came all this way chicken wings to the title “king of snacks”. Even Barack Obama in 2010 came to Buffalo for a celebration of the “Day of the chicken wing”. However, they can hardly be included in a healthy diet, which promoted his wife Michelle.

Can chicken wings be useful and delicious? Of course! Should be well versed in the product, to know part of the chicken wing and to understand how it is possible to quickly cook this delicious and healthy dish. Help us to understand Eugeni de Diego (Eugeni de Diego), the owner and chef of the restaurants “And Plume” in Barcelona, specializing in grilled chicken gourmet. Our eight major mistakes and tips in order to make a perfect chicken wings.

1. Buying poor quality chicken wings

To cook a big bowl of chicken wings for the whole family, in the beginning it is important to choose a quality product. “The main thing is to buy a certified product, because it’s a guarantee of a minimum quality. For example, we buy yellow Catalan chickens, whose feed consists of 70% grain,” says Eugeni de Diego. He advises to buy chicken wings here. However, if you want to buy a dozen, the question arises: “What to do with six hens?” “Do not think that this is a stupid question. This problem may arise. It is best to pre-order wings in a specialty store and ask them to postpone. Usually wings a lot, because many people buy only the breast and thighs, so the wings always remain,” said the cook, who after visiting the “El Bulli” my wife and I decided to open a restaurant that serves healthy, grilled chicken. The first restaurant of “And Plume” was opened on the street was Santalo, 39. Now there’s two more on the Comtal, 7, and Gran de Gracia, 7. As explained by the chef, it is important not to remove the skin from the chicken, “because that’s how we remove a special part of the wing, gelatinous and crunchy”.

2. Do not differentiate part of the chicken wing and do not know how to cut

Before you start cooking, it is important to distinguish the pieces of chicken wing. The three of them. Brush wings can be discarded, although it is useful for the broth. We leave the other two parts, the shoulder and the elbow. We can make both parts equally, “because the wings can not happen, the dish always comes out good”. However, if you want to cook them perfectly, then “you have to understand that each part of its structure, so the cooking process needs to be different,” says Eugeni de Diego. The chef explains that the elbow part is the most tender, most of the fat and skin, but the shoulder part is the fleshy.

The elbow part is the most tender, most of the fat and skin, but the shoulder part is the fleshy

Making sure that no feathers, we share a knife chicken wing into three parts. You need to press the blade into the bone and gently cut some tendons. Externally, the part may resemble a Lollipop, as the meat is fastened at one end of the bone. “When the wings are ready, the bone can be removed, there is almost no meat.”

3. Bad advice — frying the elbow part of the wing

If we want to enjoy the taste and juiciness of the middle part of the wing, i.e. the elbow, then “it is better not to cook,” notes chef “And Plume”, which sometimes gives advice to our readers. Fry is not a bug, but if we want to make everything perfect, you should not do it — here’s a tip. This part is relativity, so “work OK, if its pripustit in a small amount of olive oil and when it becomes Golden, add to the pot, for example, spicy Buffalo sauce, sauce, Valentina, soy sauce and honey,” advises the chef. He also recommends that you cook chicken wings on the grill and add the sauce. “After 3-4 minutes they’re ready. Will be very tasty.”

You can prepare the Buffalo sauce, which usually eat wings watching the Superbowl. You just need to melt the butter, stir with hot sauce, garlic or onion powder, then add salt and white or Apple cider vinegar. However Eugeni de Diego believes that it is better to buy a ready most importantly a quality sauce. “Take, for example, wine. We buy a bottle and don’t cook it at home? Same thing with the sauce.” The chef adds it in the pan, “below the wings it’s getting”.

4. Another bad tip — to embarrass the shoulder

With a shoulder portion, unlike the elbow, you need to do exactly the opposite. If the elbow part is to embarrass, the shoulder, the fleshy, it is better to fry. As advised Eugeni de Diego, this part should hold two to three hours in a marinade of salt, herbs, honey, ginger and water, sprinkle with flour to your liking (you can make more light and crispy tempura) and fry the American. “In the marinade happens to the osmotic process, that is, the meat is well soaked with flavors,” explains chef. Chicken is a very delicious meat, but still, it’s not steak. “This meat no pronounced flavor, it easily absorbs other flavors. With this we play”.

“This meat no pronounced flavor, it easily absorbs other flavors. With this we play,” emphasizes Eugeni de Diego

Instead of a marinade, you can use milk, “If for two hours to marinate the chicken wings in milk, meat will be even tastier and more tender,” says chef. Today, he shares his secrets on the website of the network of restaurants “And Plume”.

5. Use too much oil and fat

When Eugeni de Diego intends to open “A Plum”, it is understood that in the cooking process will not use the fat, which adds flavor, but harmful to health. “The chicken did not need to add fat, just a little oil. If you pre-marinate the wings or seasoned sauce, the meat will allocate juice. And that’s enough,” says the chef.

When frying chicken wings is always important the right temperature, which depends on the type of oil. However, the main thing — that the meat is burned: “it is Better to fry in olive oil, but you can use sunflower, because of its high content of oleic acid it holds the heat longer”.

6. Chicken wings not cooked through. The temperature is important

Says Eugeni de Diego, chicken wings are hard to cook badly. Although, for example, they may remain raw inside. To get a crispy crust and tender meat, you need to roast at 170 degrees. If the temperature is higher, the wings inside will be raw and the outside burnt. If the temperature is lower, the inside the meat will be cooked. It’s even worse!

If stew chicken wings with sauce, you need to ensure that they are ready. Should fill the pan, but not to put too much. At medium or high temperature chicken wings are cooked about five minutes. “Chicken wings turn out very tender, just perfect.” If you want to cook them on the grill, then you need to watch closely, so they don’t burn as a lot fat, and the fire becomes very strong.

7. Error during cooking: press with a fork chicken wings, do not remove, the excess oil…

During preparation, you should not hold chicken wings with a fork or make cuts, “because it is possible to destroy them,” warns the chef. Need like a real cook, “several times very carefully flip the wings with tongs kitchen,” advises the chef, noting that the grill designed to cooking this dish, as it imparts a “rich aroma of the smoke.” However, the wings can be cooked in the oven. If you want to cook in the oven, it is necessary to marinate, for example, in a Creole marinade or marinade of chimichurri, and then bake at 180 degrees for five minutes. So chicken wings will be tender, but crisp.

If we fry the chicken wings, they need to put on a kitchen towel to glass the excess oil. The chef explained that the dish can be eaten immediately. However, can I store chicken wings? “They need to eat immediately because they dry out, if they do not caramelize or keep in the marinade”.

8. Do not try new recipes

Although classic recipes — a win-win, there are a variety of cooking methods. For example, you can cook the wings under the Japanese teriyaki sauce. Hold the chicken in a marinade of soy sauce, honey and ginger, and then cook in the oven or fried on the coals. Eugeni de Diego passerby ginger, onion, soy sauce, coconut milk and mushrooms.

In addition, you can make the marinade in the beer and add the browned onions, garlic and mushrooms. Or you can coat chicken wings with butter and egg, sprinkle with curry powder and put in a preheated 200 degree oven. However, you can always wear a baseball cap Superbowl and choose classic chicken wings “Buffalo”, that is, without batter and fried crispy, and dip them in the spicy oily sauce and blue cheese dressing, eating everything vegetable sticks.