“It’s about daring humiliation of Ukraine”, Ambassador Miller said Schroeder for “dwarf”

Between a diplomat and a former Chancellor of the scandal that is gaining momentum

It all started with the fact that former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder made a cynical statement on Ukraine, supposedly no Russian President will not return Crimea. After that, he also called the Ukrainian diplomat. The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik responded to the insult in the address of a “friend of Putin” and said such statements, he humiliates all Ukrainians.

It is reported “Crimea.Realities”.

“With the new fashion podcast, Mr. Schroeder began to bleach your battered image in Germany. Although this creativity is unlikely to help. His name will forever remain in world history as a synonym for cynical lobbyist for the Kremlin, which despite its attempts has failed. Indeed, thanks to the Chancellor (of Germany. – Ed.) Merkel and the Grand coalition, which we, Ukrainians, grateful, sanctions against Russia remain valid, and the “Nord stream – 2″ will continue to slip,” said he.

“Crimea will return to the bosom of mother-Ukraine”, the Ukrainian Ambassador offered to bet a “friend” of Putin

Miller believes that the shredder loses his temper and goes to the person, resorting to dubious lexicon, instead of honestly admit to the Germans that his position on the Ukrainian question paid for by the Kremlin.

“In the German word “Zwerg” (which Schroeder called the Miller. – Ed.) it has several meanings. Why is a little hard to believe that in the podcast mentioned it was “a small creature in human form that appear in fairy tales and sagas and mostly ready to help”. As can be seen from the tone and context, it is obvious that “dwarf” meant, and this expression, according to the explanatory dictionary has a discriminatory connotation, directly alluding to the inferiority. However, said a contemptuous attitude not the personality of the Ambassador. We are talking about the daring humiliation of Ukraine and Ukrainians. When such a phrase in the address of my homeland and fellow citizens come from German lips, and especially a former top policy, such comparisons are not harmless or frivolous. They have a very, very bad taste. Moreover, they are extremely dangerous because inadvertently revive the evil spirits of intolerance and hatred,” explained the Ambassador.

As reported “Today”, recently Gerhard Schroeder, who also is Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Rosneft”, roughly called the Ukrainian Ambassador over Crimea. The German politician is actively trying to lobby Moscow’s interests and that does not mince words, calling Miller a “dwarf.”