Ukraine will go only to visit. The country was hit by a new wave of emigration

In place of political exile Ukraine is economic emigration. According to various opinion polls, sitting on suitcases to a third country, and those who managed to realize their desires in life, became 20-30% more.

Those who are leaving, admit that Yes, Ukraine is losing young, active and talented, but the prospects at home that they do not see.

Where do Ukrainians go

The weekend in social media started a debate about emigration, the cause of which was the post of Ukrainian, proudly demonstrating to the public its new American passport. “Ukraine is not something that is not trying to attract anyone, it is not trying anyone to hold. Less thoughtful people — less of a problem for politicians,” wrote Arthur Orudjaliyev. In contrast to those who supported him, there were posts with the hashtag “I will not leave and will not surrender” and the flow of battle against those who “betrayed the country”.

But the battle in social media is unlikely to save the situation, which really becomes threatening. According to the December poll, the company Research & Branding Group, more than a third of Ukrainians (34%) willing to relocate to another country for permanent residence.

Among the main reasons for the departure is the offer interesting and lucrative job (28%), armed conflict (27%), economic problems in the country (19%) and family circumstances (18%).

Increased interest in life abroad is confirmed in the immigration offices. According to the head of “Open Spain” Kura, Alexander, now wishing to leave the country was 15-20% more.

“Basically, I want to leave people with some money. They realized that the country has no prospects for a better life and some changes. The decision to leave is affected by the negative situation in the banking sector. Because they have some savings and they understand that the situation with the banks in Ukraine is very unstable, they are willing to invest in property and open a business in Spain,” — said “news” the Kura.

Legal company “Byzantium” say that the number wishing to travel increased even a third: “more often — on average now come for paperwork 10 people a week. To relocate often go to Poland, Germany, Canada and the United States.”

In addition, the popular destinations for moving abroad remain Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Lithuania. “The most desperate go there, where we can get the rest leave the business many people believe that where his message will be”, — said “news” the Deputy Director of immigration legal company “Alienorum” Elena Kozak.

In addition, according to experts, the increased flow of labour migrants to the countries of Central and Eastern Asia — China, Vietnam and Kazakhstan. As well as in Israel. “Many have friends or relatives who can provide housing”, — told the “news” Manager of the company Global immigration group Elena Gula.

Experts say that now the most common way to travel abroad is a business.

“Entrepreneurs seek to open branches of their firms in the United States because the standard of living is much higher there. In addition, because of the different tax legislation in each of the States has the opportunity to choose the most profitable,” — said “news” the head of the immigration company SIBS Tatiana Pisarenko.

In addition to the US business was transferred to Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and Italy. Basically open up overseas companies related to the Internet — for example, small shops in the Network. In addition, abroad acquire beauty salons, cafes, companies linked to information technologies and construction business.

Becoming more and more categories of Ukrainians who are interested in their children’s education abroad, which subsequently will help them to move. “In my case it is the parents of the students or pupils of the senior classes of the school, who transferred them to Spain to learn the language and already the local universities, thereby preparing them for life in Europe. Also studies may be interested in, and people up to 30 years,” says Kura.

“Without sentimental stories will not do

But political motives-out now in the embassies consider more closely. According to Kura, before if some were under the guise of war in the country to receive the refugee status, now almost all countries give the same answer: “the War only in two areas, the rest of the territory peacefully, and therefore move there.”

“After one of the fights on Hrushevskoho street during the Euromaidan protests, my face even got into the Newspapers. I came to the Embassy of Canada with publication as evidence that I was persecuted for political reasons. But this was not enough — I even visas are not given. Consulted with lawyers, they say that one publication in the media is beating it will be small, especially because my case against the rest who have requested asylum, is sophomoric and without sentimental stories will not do”, — told “Vesti” Igor Vasilchenko, who was a graduate of one of Moscow universities.

Marriage with a foreigner — is another fairly common method of rapid emigration, it is also now not easy. To obtain a residence permit in Spain, for example, began to organize cross-pair surveys. “Male and female potential family couple in which one of them is a citizen of Spain, and the other immigrant — are invited to city hall for an interview. Put them in different rooms and ask the same questions, many of them quite intimate sense. Thus calculated, is not whether this marriage is a sham. The procedure, of course, more than humiliating,” says Victoria, who received a residence permit in Seville.

Looking for grandmothers in Poland

Even programs associated with the repatriation now be for applicants from Ukraine whole ordeal. According to Pisarenko, the poles, for example, began to demand much more documents on the card of the pole. “If earlier it was enough that your relatives lived in Poland, now require citizens of this country or those who are baptized. In addition, verification of documents became much more carefully and, consequently, longer”, — said the expert.

On this basis, intensified companies that are engaged in finding the right roots. “We send you a questionnaire where you indicate your data and what you know about your relatives-poles, for advice. Then you reply with where and what to look for, and how much time you may need to search for documents. If there is only one document, for example, or grandparents, then in a month they can give you it. Minimally it would cost 6 thousand hryvnias”, — told us the author of one of the ads from Kharkov, which we call under the guise of a married couple wishing to go to Poland.

They also offer to find the roots, even if they have not, however, discuss details by phone the authors of the ad flatly refused. “We’ll decide at the meeting, but the result is guaranteed”, — said us.

Ago almost back

Despite all the difficulties, the majority of those who are looking for a new home, find her. Experts say that the rate of return to Ukraine from abroad is rapidly declining. “We are in the month carried by five families, and no one has returned back to Ukraine. All find themselves abroad. Best of all, of course, one can find a job with applied professions: massage therapists, hairdressers, manicurists. They quickly find their customers and are already working on myself. There are those who opened his shop, and one Ukrainian for a month became a chef in the restaurant,” says Kura.

According to HR expert Tatyana Pushkinoj abroad are now actively looking for Ukrainian laborers, engineers and producers. “Electricians, installers, builders most sought after in Europe because they have a shortage of workers, and unskilled workers of the same in Poland and they often migrate to neighboring countries. Top managers, doctors and programmers abroad are also in demand, but much less, because the Ukrainians are now filled those jobs that you don’t want to go, local talent,” says Pashkina.

Stories of people who leave proof to back they don’t want. Olga Kolomiyets went to Spain a year and a half ago. “I am master of manicure, and my husband is a sailor. He got a job in an international company and already three times went in swimming. With the salary he is now one and a half times higher. I chose the clients and opened his own small business. Albeit money is small, but we have enough. We even had a small apartment I bought, and I hope that soon we will have a baby. Ago, of course, we won’t be back. I love my city, but there are no prospects”, — told the “news” the former inhabitant of Kiev.

“Living in Israel for two years. First went on the program of the MAS (for those who have Jewish roots. — approx. ed.) then I was offered an internship in an IT company, and after — and a permanent job. After working there for six months, decided to take the whole family. It was difficult — I had to collect a bunch of references that confirm my roots, to go through several interviews at the Embassy. Now all live here, and apartment rent — two-bedroom apartment costs about 5 thousand shekels (about 35 thousand hryvnias). The salary for Israel I have a small, but a normal life and buy the necessary things missing. In Ukraine, probably, only in the guests will go”, — said “news” a resident of bat Yam, mark Chaikin.