NBC News (USA): seven people were injured during protests in Louisville

The police of Louisville, Kentucky, reported that on Thursday evening in the course of developed into riots of protests, seven people were injured, and one of them is in critical condition. Circumstances open fire remain unclear, a police spokesman said Friday morning that the situation in the city center unstable. As the Sergeant said Lamont Washington (Lamont, Washington), the police shooting was not involved.

While police provided no other details of the incident. Mayor Greg Fisher (Greg Fischer) early Friday morning made a statement on the video saying that “the crowd was shot seven people,” and that police did not open fire. According to him, five people are in stabilem condition, and two were sent to surgery. The mayor added that he prays for all these people.

This incident occurred when hundreds of people gathered in downtown to protest in connection with the death of 26-year-old Breanna Taylor (Breonna Taylor), who was killed this spring by police of Louisville.

I urge protesters, as Breonna Taylor’s family said tonight, to say her name. But let’s not see anyone else get hurt. Let’s work together for peace, justice & for Breonna & all of Louisville. pic.twitter.com/RHyMgUV073

— Mayor Greg Fischer (@louisvillemayor) May 29, 2020

“I urge the protesters, as it did today, the family of Breanna Taylor, to speak her name. But let’s make it so that no one was hurt. Let’s come out for the world in Louisville and for justice for Breanna,” said the mayor.

Earlier, the special adviser to the police Holladay Jesse (Jessie Halladay) said on the video: “Today we became witnesses of sharp discontent and tension between police and residents.”

“What started the evening as a peaceful protest has now escalated into riots. People destroy property, behave aggressively, and we just heard reports of shots fired in the crowd,” she said. According to Hollady, people also threw bottles at police.

Just heard several loud bangs. Cannot confirm if and where shots were fired but many protestors went running.

— Stephen Goin (@stephengoin) May 29, 2020

Stephen Goin


Just heard several loud POPs. Can’t tell if it was the shots, and how they sounded, but many of the protesters ran.

Up POPs the part of the protesters rocking a police car.

The crowd gathered in downtown Louisville to protest in connection with the death of Taylor, which mortally wounded the policemen, who broke into her house on the night of 13 March.

She was home with a friend and both of us thought someone was trying to get to their house. Friend Taylor called 911 and then opened fire on the police, as stated by the family of the deceased, filed a lawsuit against the police. The statement of claim says that they had no criminal past and police record for drugs, and the drugs in the house is not found. The FBI is investigating.

The protests erupted on Thursday, when across the country gathered crowds to demand from the authorities actions in response to the death of 46-year-old black George Floyd (Floyd George), who died on Monday when a white police officer from Minnesota crushed the knee of his neck. Thursday night in Minneapolis during the protests was set on fire a police station.

Thursday night in downtown Louisville, brought together several hundred protesters, who were there for a few hours.

44-year-old Bernard Bradberry (Bradberry Bernard) came there along with his son, and both said they wanted to seek justice, as reported by the newspaper “Louisville Courier Journal” (Louisville Courier-Journal).

Bredberri called “a slap in the face to society” impunity of the police. “They don’t even regret what I did”, he said.

Just before the bangs, some protestors were shaking this @LMPD vehicle. pic.twitter.com/EObWeKgslW

— Stephen Goin (@stephengoin) May 29, 2020

At some point on Thursday evening, the crowd clashed with police in special gear and with batons in hand.

One officer fired a shot from the weapon similar to a paintball gun. Sometimes they are used for firing “pepper balls”, but this time it was not clear what charge was used. However, the video shows that people in the crowd act as if in the air is a toxic substance irritant action.

People in the crowd used the tables as shields and chanted: “Whose streets? Our streets!” This is evident in the video footage from the scene.

On Thursday evening, mayor Fischer tweeted a video in which a relative of Taylor’s calls for peace.

A message from Breonna Taylor’s family urging protestors to be peaceful, go home and keep fighting for truth. pic.twitter.com/if5MH5UcCW

— Mayor Greg Fischer (@louisvillemayor) May 29, 2020

Mayor Greg Fischer


Here is the message from the family of Breanna Taylor, in which they urged protesters to behave peacefully, to go home and continue the fight for the truth.

“Louisville, thank you for what today sounds like the name of Breanna — says the woman. — We will not stop until we achieve justice. But today we should stop, so nobody was hurt. Please go home, take care of yourself and be prepared to continue the struggle.”

A police spokesman in Washington said that in connection with the protests, several people were arrested, but he doesn’t know exactly how many. The police officer added that more information will appear later.

Fisher noted in his video message: “I am grateful to those police officers who despite the danger to their own lives, assisted the injured”.

“I feel frustration, anger, fear society. But today’s violence and destruction will not solve the problem, he said. — The death of Breonna was a terrible tragedy, but said today her family, violence in response to violence is not the solution”.