Lyashko about the second wave of coronavirus: Will be a completely different strategy against

You need to prevent influenza and coronavirus circulating together

In Ukraine, the long predicted second wave of the coronavirus. Chief sanitary doctor of the country Viktor Lyashko said that it is necessary to prepare the healthcare system, and it is important that together with did not circulate coronavirus other viral diseases. He said this on air of one of Ukrainian TV channels.

According to him, nobody knows whether the second wave of the epidemic, and experts are watching as events unfolded during the first wave, but to prepare for it. The health officer believes that it can go under the scenario of influenza and flu-like illnesses.

“We have to prepare the health system to this, so as not to impose total quarantine. When we first went into total quarantine, we gradually weaken our event… This experience will be evaluated by experts, and we will offer a very different control strategy when the second wave”, – said Lyashko.

He believes that it is necessary to prevent an accumulation of different infections to the flu and coronavirus did not circulate together.

“We are very fortunate, we were at the end of February. When, in March imposed a quarantine, the quarantine we completely neutralized the influenza and influenza – like illness we have influenced all the “drip” of infection. It did not let us fill the infectious diseases hospital”, – concluded the official.