Beat for the remark: “mash” Russians on the plane videotaped

Two passengers were in the police Department because of a rush when landing in Domodedovo

In Russia, where earlier , a drunken man broke on the plane the flight attendant’s leg, arrested two other men who staged a fight in the cabin of a passenger airliner.

The incident occurred on Board, which flew from Sochi to Moscow Domodedovo airport on 24 may. According to eyewitnesses, the cause of the conflict was the fact that when landing, one passenger was leaning against the chair and touched the other.

After a brief verbal conflict first man went melee and started to beat the victim in the face. Confusion, which at this time began to Board the plane, videotaped and posted on the Internet:

In the end, as reported in the press service of transport management of the interior Ministry, the airport police arrested both participants of the fight.

We will remind, last summer the Russian tourists got in a fight before his departure from Turkey to Ukraine. The result of aviakerosene landed, and the flight was delayed.

And in January, the crew of the ship, which was flying from Ufa to Dubai, I had to associate a woman with being under the influence of alcohol, she sang songs and danced in his place. After noting the woman threw a fit and started insulting “opponents” and fend them off bag.