Ex-spy: Putin is no longer a “nightmare” Ukraine

Without the strong position of the West and decisive action, Russia will not leave Ukraine alone. This opinion was expressed in comments to the edition “GORDON” the veteran of foreign intelligence, Lieutenant-General Vasily Bogdan.

He emphasized that without the stricter position of the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin will not cease “koshmarit” Ukraine.

“The Kremlin still has not abandoned its intentions to eliminate Ukraine as a state, to install on our territory his dominance. Putin understands only the language of force. But in the West there are any convulsions: there can not develop a strong offensive position on the Russian Federation. It may be tougher sanctions and measures to deter the aggressor. But while Putin continues to pressure Ukraine. And it is good that our security services and Mat are much more professional and got serious experience. It is really a deterrent to Russia”, – concluded Bogdan.

Earlier, the Russian economist, former first Deputy Chairman of the Russian Central Bank Sergey Aleksashenko explained that Moscow is interested in an unstable Ukraine, which would give NATO and the European Union and were loyal to Russia.