The war in Libya: the mercenaries of the “Putin’s army” retreated from Tripoli

Militants from the PMC “Wagner” took two military transport aircraft

To 1 600 Russian mercenaries of the secret “army of Putin” – PMC “Wagner” – left the area of fighting near the Libyan capital Tripoli. This was announced by the representative of the command headquarters of the government forces of Libya, Colonel Mohammed Kununu, reports Anadolu.

According to him, the mercenaries fighting in the ranks of illegal armed groups Khalifa the Haftarot, flew on two military transport planes from the airport of Beni-Walid to the South-East of Tripoli.

About the new place of deployment of Russian mercenaries who took part in the earlier fighting near the Libyan capital, is still unknown.

In Libya captured the base of mercenaries Putin with a large amount of equipment: photo

Power recognized by the UN national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya, which support the Turkish army in recent weeks has made significant strides in the battle with supporters of the Haftarot.

May 18 from mercenaries was tipped a strategically important air base “Wetie” in the West of the country, which for many years served as a springboard for attacks on Tripoli.

One of the directions of the forces of the NTC became the city of Tarhuna, used rate the Haftarot as a logistics centre for the attack on the capital. This step forced the mercenaries to pull to the Tarragon part of the forces from under Tripoli.

In recent days, under the control of government forces among others have moved military bases “Hamza”, the “Yarmouk” and “Al-Sawarikh” in Tripoli.

We will remind, earlier in Moscow nervously reacted to the UN report about Russian mercenaries in Libya.

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