Kim Jong-UN again, “alive”: the leader of the DPRK he saw for the first time in 23 days

The leader of North Korea held a military meeting and discussed the strategy for strengthening nuclear deterrence

In North Korea, a meeting of the Central military Committee of Labour party of the country under the leadership of Chairman of the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, who appeared in public for the first time in 23 days.

About it on may 23, according to the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, calling the meeting “further strengthening of the national defence force and the prevention of war by means of internal and foreign policy.”

In particular, it was proposed the strategy of strengthening the nuclear deterrence provided “the use of strategic forces only in case of emergency.”

Another one of Kim: the media has named the probable successor of the leader of DPRK (photo and video)

They also discussed the shortcomings in the organization of the Korean people’s army, the correction and acquisition of new units of kPa.

It was the second exit of Kim Jong UN “the people” for the month and first since may 1, when he came to the opening ceremony of Sunzhenskogo of a fertilizer plant.

Before he wasn’t seen around 20 days that the media blamed on an unsuccessful heart operation, where he could be in a vegetative state or even die. However, Pyongyang denied it, but South Korean intelligence also found no signs that the DPRK is preparing to appoint a new Manager.