Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): the West has long wanted to get rid of Ukraine, but haven’t figured out how to do it

While on the changing peasant culture does not come bourgeois morality, no European reforms in Ukraine is impossible in principle.

When a month ago I wrote a note in which it was proven that our entire political elite, including all presidents, is the essence of the provincial elite with the mental, many did not agree with me. Moreover, many people have cited to me the example of Zelensky as President with a new, modern mentality.

But this is a complete misunderstanding! Or a complete misunderstanding of WHAT means the peasant mentality. It is primarily a tendency to lie. People with peasant, not aristocratic, the mentality, easily lie and not feel any remorse. In modern parlance, it is a Scam.

Let’s look at a recent case.

Zelensky signed the Memorandum with the IMF, where his signature guarantees the independence of the NBU’s work. For the IMF this was a fundamental point, which he did not agree to resume lending to Ukraine. And in two weeks Zelensky causes of NBU Smoliy and invites him to get out of NBU. Twice in one day. Shaken, the old man wrote a letter of resignation.

What does the behavior Zelensky? That he is an ordinary Scam. A typical representative of our provincial elite. That is a lie Zelenski said normal behavior! And your peasant manners he suffered on international politics, like all his predecessors.

The funny thing is that he Zelensky requires honest behavior from government officials! And it is also of peasant behavior. More precisely, peasant naivety. But it is noteworthy that the majority of Ukraine’s population approves of the behavior Zelensky, because he supposedly proved a Ruse, and with her help pulled much-needed IMF loan. Right, they say, cheated snickering West.

Whoever expects that such a peasant elite, as we have now, it is possible to introduce market reforms, just a naive fool. You can still two hundred Saakashvili to invite, nothing helps. You can still thousands of good to make laws, they still will not work or will work “by our standards”.

The problem is the culture of the society. While it will not be replaced until the change of the peasant culture will not come bourgeois morality, no European reform is impossible in principle. Is only an imitation of reform than we are already doing for the last 15 years. And what is now engaged Zelensky.

The attempts of the West the power to implement Western institutions of power in patrimonial Ukraine, where no civil society and legal consciousness, doomed to failure. However, it seems that the West is already realized and quite prepared to throw Ukraine off balance, but doesn’t know HOW to do it in order not to lose face.