“Tallinn consists entirely of the Ukrainians”: the Minister in Estonia against the workers

The interior Minister, Mart Helme doesn’t want to admit to the Ukrainian workers

High-ranking Estonian politician urged not to let the Ukrainian workers, who last year became the largest group of labour migrants in the country.

As reported by ERR, Chairman of the far-right Conservative people’s party and Minister of internal Affairs of Estonia, Mart Helme, said after the farmers of his country demanded to let foreign migrant workers.

“It turns out that we can’t do anything without the Ukrainians. We are unable to collect the strawberries, can’t do the welding, can’t build, can’t know what else to do without the Ukrainians. And soon we probably won’t be able without the Ukrainians to release the Newspapers, doing TV shows,” said Helme.

To work under the contract: whether Ukrainians go to work abroad

The Minister said that work visas in the country there are about 50 thousand people. If their visa is extended until July 31, this will be enough for harvest, said Helme.

According to him, if you continue to labor migration in Estonia, the city will become a “conditional Tallinn, composed entirely of Ukrainians.”

“I believe that we can not exchange our country for a few tons of strawberries,” said he.

Recall that because of the pandemic of coronavirus in the world, many countries have closed their borders. In this regard, many Ukrainians who earned a living abroad, lost source of income. However rebelled and foreign farmers, who relied on a foreign workforce.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal argues that none of the Ukrainians to go to work does not prohibit, however, now have the ability to require employers to provide decent working conditions to workers.