And the deer better

Demonstrating proficiency, soldiers of the Russian Arctic brigade moved through the snow in a sledge pulled by reindeer and dogs, and on range there are echoes of the shots.

As the press service of the Northern fleet, during the training, which took place in a deer farm near the village of Lovozero (Murmansk region), Arctic motorized infantry with the help of local herders and mushers learned to manage traditional modes of transport of the indigenous peoples of the North — reindeer and dog teams. At the recent military exercises have also demonstrated the management skills of the dog teams and snowmobiles.

During the great Patriotic war in the Kola Arctic reindeer used to evacuate the wounded, the transportation of military cargo and in getting scouts into the enemy rear and even for the removal of the downed planes and their crews, the report says.

Russian Arctic brigade was officially formed in early 2015 on the basis of 80-th separate motorized rifle brigade (Alakurtti) and the 200-th separate motorized rifle brigade (Pechenga), located near the border with Finland and Norway. The brigade is part of the Northern fleet.

Since the formation of the Arctic brigade received a number of new models of vehicles for winter conditions, including snowmobiles and amphibious ATVs.

In a brigade there are powerful cross-country vehicles “Vityaz” (DT-10МП) is a tracked vehicle weighing 27 tons and with a capacity of 800 HP, which can move both on land and in shallow water.

Of more light vehicles in the brigade are ATVs Ruslan (TTM-4902ПС-10) 300 HP, which can carry up to 22 people and used to sleep 9 people.

In the Arctic the team used snowmobiles. In 2015, it was purchased about 30 cars model A1, in 2016 came some more.

A1 is a militarized version of the model “Taiga Patrol 551 SWT”. In contrast to the civil prototype, A-1 is equipped with mounts for two pairs of skis, grenade launcher, AK-74, Dragunov sniper rifles.